A trip to the goodwill yielded AWESOME results Tuesday. I walked away with a very nice large roll of vintage wallpaper, for just one buck! I have a few journals that are just screaming for the pink goodness to be applied. The wallpaper matches my ribbon from SAS just perfect! How could a girl be so lucky? Then just when I thought it could not get any better, I stumbled onto these!Perfect condition, wonderful color, seriously I would have paid hundreds for these lovelies framed up, I'm sooo stoked!

Also here is a little glimpse of my next collage project, the recipient visits the blog on occasion so I'm not going to show the whole project, it's almost done and I'm pretty happy with the results. Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said…
I checked this morning and this was not here. Says you posted on Tues but then you said "Happy Thurs". You're playing with my mind. I'm excited about your purchases and your collage is GREAT! I bought a roll of vintage wallpaper for $2 recently. I was excited. It's not real full of color and excitement but it's actually very pretty.

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