Favorite smell

We all have one, maybe even two. It's been a long time coming, mine...
I have never really been able to put my finger on it. I guess that is what happens when you live in a state that rains for about 10 months of the year.

I could say it is the smell of freshly mowed lawn, or the first rain of fall, my hands dirty from work in the soil, even the smell of freshly cut wood and two stroke oil makes me smile.
No, my favorite smell is coconut suntan oil. The stuff that smells really cheesy, really NOT at all like a coconut. I love that smell more than anyother smell in the whole wide world:) This smell reminds me of the lazy afternoons of my youth when aging skin was not a worry. It reminds me of lazy afternoons of my not so youth in the back yard kiddie pool hanging with gf's and kids. It reminds me salt water, wind, sand and too much sun (if thats ever possible).
I already have a killer tan going on this season and I might be running out of the above pictured bottle soon.. not to worry, Wal-Mart is right up the road:)
So whats yours??;)


Anonymous said…
Nice legs sunshine. You would definitely win the competition today. I got some serious white going on and hair that is a little too long. I remember some of those days though, up at Diane's or on the beach at Camino Isl.

The post I was pushing for was one with pics from your gift. How did you do?

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