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Jessica Williams is just about the hippest Mommy I know:) Her and her uber cool rocker hubby Jason live in Gilbert AZ. They welcomed their first child Cruz Elton into the world this past November 16th. I wanted to interview Jess because I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten what my life was like before children, but it must still be fresh in her mind...

Family Portrait done by Whitney Darling

Jess!! We miss you guys soo much!! How have you all been?
Thanks so much for interviewing me Amber! We miss you guys more than you know. We have just been doing great. As you know, life with a baby is a ton of work so it has been a big adjustment. Cruz is just about the coolest little guy I know so it’s obviously all worth it!

You were married pretty young right? How long were you married before you started talking baby, and what made you decide it was time?
Yes, we will be married 6 years this coming September. I was 21 and Jason was almost 24 when we got married. We had always talked about waiting 4 years before having kids if we could help it. We really wanted to have at least that much time together as a couple before we started a family. At about 3 years, I felt like I was ready and we started talking about it more. Jason didn’t feel completely up for it, so we waited longer. Buy the time Cruz was born we had been married 5 years. It was well worth the wait too!

At any point during your pregnancy were you like..
Oh CRAP!! What have we done?? I want my old life..I’m totally freaked out right now!!
Of course! I would feel like that off and on- especially because I had a lot of people around me that were telling me that our lives were going to drastically change and that it was going to be so hard. I remember thinking that I selfishly didn’t want to really give up my sleep like I knew I’d have to! And it was just fear of the unknown too. Being responsible for a little life is actually a huge deal and that didn’t hit home until we found out that we were having a boy. Around that time was when I remember thinking ‘oh my gosh- we have to actually raise this baby to function in society’. It was a scary thought especially since I had never done any of this before and there is no manual on how to raise kids! But most of the time I was just ecstatic to be a mommy- it’s something I’ve dreamed about my entire life!

Joking aside, you and Jason are two very cool people. You both are super popular:) and CRAZY busy. So now what?? Has your whole life come to a stop?? Or are you taking Cruz along for the ride??
Well, life IS harder with a baby- everyone was right. But our lives absolutely didn’t stop. We take Cruz everywhere when we can. (check this out) It just takes a lot of extra planning and we have a lot of great friends who love to baby sit for us when we need it. Certain aspects have slowed down for us, but it’s really changed in a good way. I hope and pray that Cruz will be a well-adjusted little kid because we take him to experience life with us!

Tell me about your decision to stay at home with Cruz? Was that a hard decision? Why?
It was a really hard decision that I still struggle with everyday. It wasn’t my plan to stay home at all. I always knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom- but once we could afford it. (That would not be now lol!) But there were several things that happened within my job that were beyond my control and made it apparent to us that God was clearly telling us that I was to be home with Cruz. I try not to feel guilty over not bringing in the paycheck I used to, but at the same time I wouldn’t change anything about the situation we are in. God has been so faithful to provide much more than we need. He has never failed us in this and I really feel it’s because we are trying to do the right thing for our family with me staying home with him. It’s really hard. I honestly miss being in an office sometimes. But then I heard Cruz laugh for the first time and knew that I wouldn’t trade being with him for anything. No amount of money will ever compare to this time I get to spend with him- and God has made that possible for me. It’s a huge blessing and the hardest thing I have ever done.

With only 5 words, describe your adjustment to Mommyness.
Sleeping as much as possible.

Ok here is a super deep question. You’re one hip momma! I’m pretty sure I will not be seeing you in sweats and curlers anytime soon:) What are your style secrets? Has it been hard to adjust to ‘mommy style’?
Haha! Thanks Amber, you’re sweet! I will credit my own mom for this one… I remember being a little girl and her teaching me the importance of keeping yourself stylish and looking your best. She always (and still is) extremely put together and takes wonderful care of herself. It’s a value of mine to make sure that I look my best for Jason. Letting myself go isn’t something that’s going to benefit him, our marriage or me in the long run. Besides, I would hate wearing sweats everyday. I love fashion so much and try to keep up with it as much as I can! I’ve lost all my baby weight so it hasn’t been too hard to adjust to ‘mommy style’- except that it takes a while for your hips to go back so pants still don’t fit the same! (grr) But I wear all the things I used to wear and still shop at the same places. I think it’s important to remember who you were before you became a mommy. It’s hard because now my whole world revolves around Cruz, but I’m still the person I was before he was born.
I love Forever 21, Goodwill, Savers and My Sisters Closet (both the store and my sister’s actual closet! Haha)

Now for the fun question!!
If you, Jason and Cruz could take a vacation anywhere in the world and money was no issue, where would go??

Ok well, there’s two places. First, I’d go to New York! It’s been a life long dream of mine to go there and I have not ever made it yet!! I’d spend a week there and then take a plane from there directly to Italy. I’d love to go to Rome, Venice… the entire country
would pretty much be perfect.

Jess gets her blog can follow her personal blog here AND you can follow Cruz, her adorable son and his green seat adventures here.


Anonymous said…
I love Mommy Monday - ...probably because I love being a mom. With each story, although different from my own and one another, I feel a sense of connection because this 'mom-thing' gives us a commonality!
Great interview, Amber & Jessica!
Lateda said…
awww Jess. :) Last time I saw you.. you were very pregnant and adorable as ever!(who stays fashionable while pregnant? Jess does!!)
Cute kid. He looks like his mama!
Random Thoughts said…
The baby blog is so adorable. I had to check it out. How cute. Great mommy monday, what a sweet family!
Miss Charity said…
I like the Mommy Mondays too...just gives us a glimpse into other Mommy's worlds. Oh the common thread of Motherhood...we all connect to that :) It would have been fun to meet Jessica, now you just need to talk her and the fam into visiting all us cool WA people!
Wendy Girl said…
I love the Pictures of Cruz...
That is so amazing.
I am glad that people drag their kids around like I did.

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