A million wishes.

When I was in about 5th grade I started Awana.
Do you know what Awana is?
It is basically the Christian equivalent to Girl Scouts. Looking back I'm pretty sure I was the only heathen in the class. I did not have all the nice Christian girl answers (be shocked..yes, your right in saying that I have not changed much). I always answered the opposite of what we were suppose to answer..which in case you did not know the answer to all questions in church are one word answers..Jesus.

So I'm sitting next to perfect Christian girl. The teacher asks me this question...

"If you had one wish, what would it be Amber?"

"Oh!! I know!! I would wish for a million more wishes!! Then I would never use up my wishes!!"

Let's stop for a moment here..I totally thought I was sooo clever. I mean come on.. a million more wishes..how smart am I??

"Ok Amber..what a nice answer, what about you Heather?"
(why are all perfect girls named Heather?)

"Oh I would use my one wish to make sure everybody in the world has Jesus in their heart."

Oh thats just great..

Really she was just super jealous that I was going to use one of my wishes for a party with Tiger Beat magazine and Cory Haim.

Then all the other perfect girls after her answered JUST THE SAME!! I mean not the exact same, but like a Miss America pageant..

"Oh I would wish for an end to world hunger." said Melissa.

"I would wish for a cure for cancer!" said Cindy.

"Um..Jesus??" said Samantha.

So today I'm going to tell you about my 3 wishes, not a million. I feel a little guilty about not wishing for more noble things. I should wish to end world hunger, cure diseases and all that good stuff, but instead I'm going to wish for 3 totally materialistic items..items that would never fulfill me, items that are totally shallow. BUT maybe I COULD feed starving children if I had an I-Phone..well it could happen.

A Mac Book Pro..a photog's dream computer. My next cameraI could respond to emails from all the children I helped save from hunger via this I-Phone..can't you just picture it now??


Anonymous said…
I like your wish list and I could definitely wish for those same three things! ...+ a million others! ...like $1 bills! ...because I could help so many with that kind of $. ...and I could hire a house keeper! ...so I could sew, & solder, & garden, & .....Jesus!
Tamis said…
I like your first idea better, 1,000,000 wishes. Then I could share and still have lots left over. Darn, right if I only get 3 I am keeping them all- I would even pick the same things as you. Wow, you have very good taste.

I yearn for an iphone...don't see one in my future though. Darn those completely fictitious wishes.
Lauren said…
You make me smile :)

When you get your new camera, can I have your old one? I'm more than fine with hand-me-downs!!

Love you!
Miss Charity said…
You make me laugh...out loud, HA! I want to do a wish list...maybe tomorrow...I got a sit down and figure what's at the top of the list...
Life's Delish said…
yeah, all those satiated children will pick up their newly donated cell phones? and climb the highest hill( to get the best reception) to text you a thank you! nice! :)
Anonymous said…
Sweet. That's my kind of wish list. I cracked up at the climbing the mountain for reception comment. So true!!ao
Wendy Girl said…
A D90 is so much Cooler..

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