Chip off the block (!!!!)

Mere mortals with untrained eyes might look at this picture and wonder..
Let me decode the message for you..

ABr! is set

Is really..

Amber! is sweet, in Silas language.

My very special youngest boy has taken up writing. Who knew Silas was a literary genius! Every night before bed instead of reading he wants to write, so we let him write all on his own..just for the sake of writing.

BUT I have a confession to make, my favorite part of this letter is the !.. you know the exclamation point.


I'm such a SUCKER for a good exclamation point!!!
How many times has Zach said,
"Umm Amber..calm down with the exclamation marks on your blog."
Alot. (!!)

I mean it's just about the most perfect punctuation mark EVER! Does a period invoke such jubilation? I think not! Questions get old after a while, commas really make me crazy (thats why I do this...instead)
An exclamation mark is like a birthday party for words.

Pretty soon Silas will be writing stories that have multiple exclamation points!! One day when he is published, he will receive a letter from his editor asking him to calm down with the exclamation points.
It just might be too much for me to bear.

Almost everything in life comes back to an episode of Seinfeld..this time is no different..


Anonymous said…
That is not just any, ordinary exclamation mark!!! It has a heart at the bottom - my favorite kind!!!!

I love !!!!!!'s but I also love ,,,,,,,'s
Anonymous said…
p.s. I loved the Seinfeld clip!!!! I watched it after I made my 1st comment. ...made me laugh!
Lateda said…
aww. too cute! I LOVE that boy!
Jessica said…
We're a lot alike Amber! I've been told to knock off the exclamation points before too!! lol!
Gotta love Silas... Too sweet!!
Tamis said…
Ah, sweetness from kids. That is one to be filed away for days to remember the boy that once was when he turns into a man.

I have a punctuation problem too. You are not alone...when I try to give pause I use... My 3 little periods...I probably annoy people but heck, it is my blog right?

Exclaim away!!
Lauren said…
I think a 'list' is past due Amber dear!!

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