The List..

This is the first time Shad has had to deal with the paparazzi:)
Loving my new lens..

10. I know this might sound crazy but..
I'm conducting an unofficial mustache survey.
I'm checking every women's stache out I meet.
I hope they don't notice.
My light blonde mustache is starting to become a tad bushy..but it is still light blonde. I'm just so worried I'm going to be that lady that does not realize she has a full on cop mustache going on..hmm what's a girl to do!
Do I start waxing and have it turn black eventually or do I hold out and just stay with the peach fuzz..Help!!

9. On the subject of personal grooming..As you might know I'm saving my pennies for Paris, so I've opted out of visits to my hair dresser. I'm just going to tell you right now, I miss it..I DON'T like Amber with longish hair and I can't WAIT to get it chopped off next week. Yes I have vanity I'm not afraid to admit it.

8. Got to meet Timi, it was fun! It's the first time I've ever met with someone just through blogging, how cool is that?? She is planning a huge blog party in August..
all the cool kids will be bout you??

7. Had my first paid photog shoot a few weeks ago, pretty stoked about that:)

6. We extended our lease by two months this week. Let's see if we will have any more direction by the end of those two this point I kinda doubt it..I guess thats just the way we roll.

5. I'm just sooo ready for the school year to be over. I'm soo over this year..this transition..public education in general..over it!

4. Got a new lens for Mothers's pretty sweet.

3. I keep forgetting to tell you this story..ever since I began planning my Paris trip, I've had one of these on my wish list..

Every time I hit Barnes & Noble I would gaze longingly at this very Amberish type journal..but never did take the plunge..Then one happy day as I was quietly baking a pie (really) I received a phone call from this sweet girl,

"Can I stop by, I have something for you?"

"Sure, do you want lunch?"

"No I'm going to WinCo." (cuz shes thrifty like that)

"Ok, I'm just here baking a pie."

Next thing I know..ding dong Wendy is here and she has this very special present for moi!! Did I totally overreact!! Yes!! I hugged her like 8 times! How did she know that I have wanted one for so long..she did not!! But she just knows me so well that she saw it and knew that it must be mine..Some days I just pinch myself..I have the best gf's EVER!

2. If you would like to check out some pic's of this spring's swappy goodness go here, here , here, and here. Fun stuff ladies!!

1. PARIS.PARIS.PARIS.PARIS!!!!! Let the countdown begin!!


lifeofwonder said…
I love your lists :)

You have to promise to keep them updated while I'm away... I'm so afraid I'll have nothing to do


Love you!!
Wendy Girl said…
10. All I can say is Dont be a Mrs. Douglas.
9. I am the least vain person you know.
7. Congrats.
4. What kind?
3. I rock. LOL
The swap was so much fun. Thank you.
tinkerverve said…
re: #10 =
Hopefully this will help to encourage you...
Miss Charity said…
Just so you don't check mine out too closely, o.k.? I wax, and it still hasn't turned to black, at least from my stand point. So, go ahead and take a gander next time we're together :)
Timi said…
Aaaaaaaaah thanks so much for coming over and the mention. It was fun to meet you and the kids. I need them to come over and wear Charlie out again.
When you get back from Paris (because that's all you can think about right now and I don't blame you) we must get together again. We need to a craft day or something.
I finally got Mary Jane's Farm Magazine that I have been looking and searching for. I love it! I haver been looking for the books ever since you told me I needed them.
I'm so excited about your trip.

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