Mommy Monday..oh I mean Mommy Tuesday

Andrea Siebert is yet another inspirational Mommy who I had the pleasure of meeting during our time in AZ. She is married to Jake (whom she made change his last name before tying the was Dykes) and together they have two sons Eric and Shawn.
Andrea’s Mommy journey is amazing!! I’m so glad she’s agreed to share her story with us. (and she happens to bear a uncanny resemblance to my sister Johnna..which kinda freaks me out a little)

Hey lady how are you??
I am great, looking forward to summer break with the kids.

So if I remember correctly, the first time I met you, your son Eric was in a wheelchair ….
Yes, Eric was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and in less than a year he was in a wheelchair.

So what exactly is Rheumatoid Arthritis?
It is an autoimmune disorder that causes the immune system to attack the joints, where it causes inflammation and destruction of the joints, cartilage and the tissues around the joints.

How did you feel when the Doctors told you Eric would never walk again?
I was angry, scared, and really sad. But I didn’t believe it. The Rheumatologist said if I didn’t put Eric on the drugs he recommended that Eric would never walk again, and that it would be my fault. He even threatened to call CPS if I didn’t put Eric on the drugs. I really felt in my heart that God was leading me away from Western medicine .

Tell me what lead you to the decision to go total opposite of the Doctors orders?
I can’t even tell you why I started exploring natural health, I mean I grew up drinking diet coke, eating frozen pizzas, and the veggies I sometimes ate came from a can. This was a completely new way of life for me. I believe that God was preparing me to fight this battle with Eric. If I didn’t have the passion and the belief that what we were doing was right, I would have listened to the doctors. They were not easy on us. I learned that the body is built to repair itself, we just need to get it functioning properly again. So I figured that is what we needed Eric to do.

Did people think you were stark raving mad?
Yes, they did. But mostly they were worried about Eric, and wondering if I really knew what I was doing. Eric was in a lot of pain and the disease was spreading throughout his body fast.

Tell me how Eric is doing today?
He is doing very well. He has been out of his wheelchair for a year and 3 months. His inflammation has been reduced by more then half. He is able to attend public school again, swim, and ride his bike. His teachers said they would have never known anything was wrong if I hadn’t told them.

You are one of the most passionate advocates for healthy eating and healthy lifestyle I know!! (don’t EVER drink a diet soda around Andrea!!) Tell me about Eric’s Doctor and what you are doing there currently.
Dr. Brett Brimhall is awesome! He is a Holistic Chiropractor and practices total body wellness. Eric is currently getting chiropractic, laser treatments, foot detox baths, magnacharger, and other therapies there. He also does Life coaching so that he can work through his emotions with out it affecting him physically. They also have a large area for natural supplements. I was offered a job at the clinic and started working there in March teaching there nutrition program to patients. It is so much fun, and I am learning so many new things. A true blessing for sure.

Ok now for the fun question…if you could pick just one famous person to sit and have coffee with who would it be??
It would be Sara Snow. So she could teach me all she knows about living from the earth, being green, and how she balances everything. I get excited just thinking about it, I want to learn all I can about natural living.

Andrea also LOVES to share her knowledge!! Please let me know if you would like more info on RA or Andrea's lifestyle change.


Lateda said…
Great Mommy Monday! I admire Andrea very much!
Anonymous said…
Great interview - very inspiring - I often feel that once I have a serious diagnosis that I will kick it into action and truly get healthy - ...but I always ask myself, 'Why not before???'

one ? - why the name change?
Amber Rose said…
Really Elaine..Dykes?? Ask Lizzy to explain it to you:)
Random Thoughts said…
Wonderful post. My brother grew up with RA and it is tough. I guess I will have to ask Lizzie too. I guess I can ask my girls. I am glad to be dumb sometimes!
Anonymous said…

OK! I got it! never heard that one before - I love living a sheltered life...
Anonymous said…
wonderful post... I sooo need to have a lifestyle change!! I'm such a big procrastinator though... I keep saying 'next month' :)

(and I get the name change... must be generational thing!)
Amber Rose said…
Oh I love my dear sweet blog all make me smile!!:)
Miss Charity said…
Totaly know why you did the name change;) I don't blame you...and just wanted to say thank you again for taking the time to talk w/ me over the phone! You have awesome info to share w/ people :)

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