The worst Mom EVER!!

Well I'm sitting here knowing that many of you are waiting for this post..
I keep forgetting you all actually read my tweets, blog posts and facebook updates..
I just kinda forget that part sometimes.
And because this day has been what it has (I'm leaving lots out for you with weak stomachs) this cannot be eloquent, wordy, witty and full of is what it is.

Today I forgot about Silas (#4) fact I forgot about him so much the school had to call me...

"Hello this is Amber." my really professional phone answering skills come through when I know it's the school.

"Yes, this is Debbie from Dutch Hill Elementary."
**Long pause**
"Um Yes?" My in why in the world are you calling me Debbie receptionist in it is still not EVEN clicking that I've committed the worst of all parenting crimes.

"Yes, were you planning on picking up Silas today from school?"

I then shrieked very loudly (like someone has died loud) and say,

"I'm the worst Mom EVER!!!" Like really loud..and like really high pitched and annoying.

To which Debbie (thankfully) started cracking up really hard.

By the time I arrived at school a whole 50 MINUTES LATE!!!!!
I had cried off all of my makeup and had convinced myself that CPS would be waiting.

Thankfully the office ladies were still laughing at my shriek and worst Mom ever comment...

Silas of course being #4 did not seem too upset by the whole thing..

"Mom, I just wanted to give you my Mother's Day present, and I was wondering where you were."

Why oh why did God think I deserved such a perfect child..not sure I will ever know.

This ranks up there with when I almost had to have Isabelle's toe amputated..but that is for another post..


Lauren said…
You aren't the worst mom ever... you just had a momentary loss of brain function!

Out of the four, I'd say you picked the most understanding and forgiving to 'forget'. You'd never hear the end of it from Bella ;)
Anonymous said…
Rest assured that you ARE NOT the worst mom ever and you are not even a bad fact, I've always thought that you were an exceptional mom, and you have amazing kids to verify that. I agree with Lauren and we are all allowed that momentary loss at times. ...although, that was pretty bad! ;-)
Anonymous said…
no no no... were you drinkin' pbr's and smokin' in your drive way??? I think not!
Random Thoughts said…
We should do a worst mommy stories blog. It would be hilarious. YOu are a great mom! Enjoyed the post!
Anonymous said…
Hey, don't sweat it. My mom forgot to pick me up from kindergarten. That was when the teachers just took us outside and then went in. I just sat outside all by myself for about 20 minutes or so until my mom came to get me. Best part is we only lived about 4 blocks from the school. Wonder how my two older sisters got home that day. They sure weren't with me. Hmm...gotta make a
Timi said…
You are soooooooooooooooo not the worst mom ever! They are loved, fed, clothed, and great kids. You are not a bad mom!

My mother accidently left my brother and I at the store more than a couple times when I was a kid. We turned out "mostly" fine. :-)
Jessica said…
You are so far from the worst mom- you aren't even close!!! :) It happens as I'm sure I will find out once Cruz gets bigger!! You are the best mommy and your kids love you!!! :)

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