Miss me???

Strehle fun on the road...

How stinking cute is this?

It kinda scares me how good she is getting at this..Where did she learn to look like that?

Yesterday I had this sweet encounter with a girlfriend from my high school days. Let me insert here for a moment.. it's soo nice to be all grown up and have kiddos and not worry about how big our butts look in acid washed jeans anymore (cuz I wear a long sweater to cover my booty now, this equals wisdom) and be able to reconnect with some very sweet people, makes me smile from the inside:)

So as I'm hanging with the family at the fair (more on that later) I see a couple of gf's from days gone by..one said,

"Oh I have to tell you I just LOVE your blog"

"You read it? Really?" I reply.

"Yes!! Alot."

Oh my blogger heart just swelled up with blogger pride. So what did I do after a long day at the fair, still reeking of corn dogs and deep fried twinkies..I started a post!
Our internet was connected after two and a half long weeks..It was kinda like a detox for me, and I'm pretty darn sure the reason the house is almost totally unpacked is NOT because of my will power or organization skills, no I'm pretty sure it's because we did not have internet.

A few things to catch up on...

Many of you know Timi right?? She recently co-hosted the big Hot Blogust Nights here in Snohomish. Well because she is just so darn clever she has put together a new adventure...

Just imagine a bus load of ladies who love junkin just as much as you!! It is going to be a wonderful event!! Timi has asked The Dish and I to be the official "Come Junk With Us" photogs..yippee! I'm so stoked for this event and even if I was not going as part of Come Junk With Us, I would be going anyway! You can pretty much bet that anything Timi is involved with is going to be a good time:)

Now it's a bit of a bummer but The Dish can't make it to this event:( Truthfully I always feel a little lost when I go to these shows without her or Miss Elaine kicking around..BUT the reason she is not able to go is because she is going to her own show with her fab business..Wild Whimsy, so I don't feel too bad for her. Although she will be working her booty off and I will be happily snapping pictures of fabulous finds and even more fabulous people..

I'm soo super excited to give you all a tour of the new Strehle house.
I 'm holding a house naming contest very soon.
As my faithful readers know I like to name my houses..and since I have had 5 in the past 2 years I have HAD to name them to keep them straight..Now I'm really hoping this will be the last move for quite some time but I really want to name my current abode..it helps me make my home more real to you dear reader:) So I'm going to come up with some name options and I'm hoping you will help me make the final decision. Then all of you who voted will be included in a drawing for a gift card..this will be the last gift card drawing for a while sadly.. I have a house payment now and can't be handing out 5 dollar gift cards to everyone...sheesh.

Lastly it's back to school time for the Strehle kiddos. All four will be in full time, this will inevitably turn me into a melancholy Amber. Not melancholy in wishing for my kids to be young again..HECK NO!! But melancholy in wishing I knew what to do with myself. I can only keep myself busy with laundry, Starbucks coffee dates and house cleaning for so long before I get bored... this time always brings about a crazy Amberish type decision..Paris was last year..I'm anxious to see what this year will bring!


Timi said…

Thank you so much for the wonderful write up about the up coming Junk Junket www.comejunkwithus.com
I'm so excited. I can't wait, we are going to have so much fun. There are lots of really fun ladies going as well as vendors have been sending me door prizes right and left. There are going to be some great give aways.
tinkerverve said…
Yes!...I did miss you. So glad your back and I hope you enjoy your journey back to finding a new normal. I love all of the pictures ~ very nice. Sorry I can't be on your bus ride with you, maybe next year Rathdrum could be a destination.
Lateda said…
Im SOO glad your back! And I havent blogged since you left.. how sad! I will be writing a post tomorrow! You've inspired me!

LOVE the picture on the road! Fricken Amazing!

I cant WAIT for the house naming contest.. I am thinking of ideas already!

and I am so glad I have such a cool best friend.. but you already know that! :)
Wendy Girl said…
Love the Road Picture..
You must have been in the Middle of NO WHERE....
I so Love it in No Where Land...
Some Day... I am going there.....
Miss Charity said…
Missed you girl...so glad your back! I've been waiting for your next write-up and f-i-n-a-l-l-y...thank you, thank you! I'm so excited for your trip w/ Timi...hope you girls have a blast! Wish I was going, with...maybe next time :) Snapshots in the road are totally cool!
Anonymous said…
Finally, you're back. I had to cheat on you and start reading another blog. I'll leave it soon, I swear. It just gets lonely and I don't want it to be sad. ao

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