House Naming Contest

But first..a few pic's of the new place..

We officially have a barn! Right now it's holding alot of junk..but oh in the future..what plans I have! Hahaha..We were just messing around:)BUT this is an apple tree from one of the 3 that are on our property.

Ok you can just barely see the raised garden bed hidden beneath the spring this will be glorious!! There are 7 in all and I just can't wait to sink my hands into sweet earth!

I'm totally in love with tire swings..It kinda was a big selling point for me..and I'm not joking:)

Paper craft goodness..

Yes I know I already posted pics of him..but just look!! And guess the best part?? I paid 14.75 for him at Goodwill, see now I know your in love:)

I'm sitting right here and writing this post. The very old walnut tree in our back yard. In the far back left corner of this picture you can also see the chicken house..I can't wait to have some feathered ladies again!!

The house naming contest is here!! If you are new to my blog, this will be your first introduction to how very eccentric Amber is. Lets review previous Strehle house names...

1.Reiner Road House (WA)
This will ALWAYS be my favorite house, and I miss it everyday:(

2.Big House (1st in AZ) Our first home that was over 3000 square feet, I was one of the few women who actually cleaned my own home in the neighborhood.

3.80's House (2nd in AZ)
It was like time had stopped and I was listening to Debbie Gibson and rockin my side ponytail.

4.Cold House (1st in return trip to WA)
For the first month we kept it really warm until we received our first heating bill, then it was cold house once more.

Here are my finalist for the current house...

1. The Hicks House.
K long story on this but I will shorten it.
The previous owners last name was Hicks and we kinda new them. Plus the added bonus to this name is, according to any person who lives in a major metropolitan area this house is for sure in Hicksville..yes we are in the middle of no where. So that name kinda has two meanings.

2. The Roosevelt House. (ooh pick me, pick me!)
I like this one. We live off a road called Roosevelt Road and everyone in the area knows this road. So when I'm telling Great Aunt Jenny where we live I say (really loud so she can hear me),
"We live off of Roosevelt Road."
And she shakes her sweet little white head with acknowledgement.

3. Half Ass House.
Umm yeah the name pretty much says it all.
(I know!! I try not to swear TOO much on the blog but how else do you say that?? So please no comments about the language (Elaine)!!)

4. Wannabe farmer house.
2 1/2 acres is just enough to be dangerous..and you know the Strehle's like to live dangerously;)

So this is how it is going to work..Leave a comment casting your vote and I will then tally up the votes and post the winning results on Tuesday! Every person that comments will be entered in a drawing for...

Thats right dear reader once again please don't thank be for my MASSIVE generosity just know that MY blog readers are well taken care of:)


Anonymous said…
That was a hard choice but I'm going with Roosevelt House. Hicks House is perfect cause it's, well, a hick house. But, it's the name of the people who owned it and then I think if you call it that you'll never really feel like it's your house. Plus, Roosevelt makes it sound so refined and then when people get there and see all the chickens and goats (I'm assuming) and the farm, well, it won't seem so refined. So then it seems kind of an oxymoron (not in the technical sense) and I think that is cool. ao
Lateda said…
I know this one will be a shocker.. but I REALLY want to go for the "half Asser house".. it just has alittle *ring to it...
BUT, since I was trying to explain it to MY GRANDPA and GRANDMA, and I kept going until finally I said
"Roosevelt Road".. and they both gave me the "Ah-HA!" look... I think I will have to with that..
The Roosevelt House.. final answer.
junkrescuerbeth said…
As much as I like the Hicksville angle, I'd vote for Roosevelt House. I currently live in Cold House #2.

I was going to sell my really bright orange faux pumpkins at an upcoming garage sale. Now I'm inspired to collage them. Thanks for the swell idea!

Beth of Salvage Studio
Lauren said…
No Christmas house?? That's OK... I kind of already figured you didn't like me after the 'incident' last weekend.


I kind of want to go against the grain and not choose 'Roosevelt House', but I can't help it. It just has a certain ring to it.

Plus, naming things after presidents is just cool... with the exception of a few. Don't go naming your next house 'the Clinton house' or anything. :)
Anonymous said…
I'll say Roosevelt -
and I can't help but comment because I get a sense of disappointment (and a stomach-ache each time) you're you and I'm me and I'm glad that we have freedom to be who we are or want to be...
Wendy Girl said…
Roosevelt house is good...
Half ass house is good..

I keep going back to the day we moved your stuff in. Brad was standing there like the floor had a really bad slope.
How about "Half Ass Roosevelt House"
Then you can call it
"H.A. Roosevelt house"
Then Elaine cant get upset with us for Cussing.
Random Thoughts said…
I like the name Roosevelt House. It sounds like an estate or a destination. It also sounds thoughful. The pictures were beautiful but I wish there had been more of the house and not just the property. I will be waiting for more.

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