Tuesday is not over yet!!

Do you know that every time I do a drawing I say a little prayer..yup. Nothing fancy, nothing eloquent, just a, "God, you know who needs to win this drawing." kinda of prayer..

The winner is Cyndi!!
WOOHOO!! I do have to admit she is one of my very most favorite people, so I'm pretty stoked she won:)
PLUS I get to give it to her in person, how fun is that!

Thanks for votes, I knew you would all pick Roosevelt house. How did I know?
Well it's really because I'm pretty sure I have the hippest blog readers around:)

So it's official..
The Roosevelt house it is!


Anonymous said…
yay! for Cyndi...
Random Thoughts said…
I am so excited! Thank you bunches and bunches. Can't wait to see you again. I love our times together dear sister!
Lateda said…
I never win.
Miss Charity said…
Congrats Cyndi...she did need that Starbucks card, yesterday she really needed some "tea" gasoline :)
Amber Rose said…
LOL Trish!! OMGosh! Really I sooo promise its not rigged!!:)

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