The List..back to school style

I'm kinda going through this weird art/statue/obscure stage..Zach LOVES it. This is Abe..I got a smoking deal on him a few days you can see I'm pleased as punch with him:)

Yes I have a huge girl crush on Mona..especially when she is hanging in my living room..

This is nippy...Because this is a familish type blog I will let you make your own conclusions.. She currently resides on a buffet next to our kitchen table, every once in a while I catch Zach staring...

10. My Freshman year in High School I bought a pair of Reebok you remember these shoes??

Oh I was sooo FRICKEN COOL!! That was the first battle I ever fought over shoes, I had to save up and buy them on my own, it was worth every penny. Now I just fight with Zach about boots..speaking of you like these?? My birthday is November 8th..hmmm.

9. So the boys started middle school yesterday. I forgot to take a picture. Nice..

8. It was Silas' 7th birthday yesterday as well, I found myself in tears many times throughout the day. Middle school, Silas turning 7..nervous break down soon to come. At least I got a picture of the birthday boy and his sissy on the first day of school!

7. The second I stepped off the plane last December I knew it was going to be a problem..yes dear reader..a BIG hair. For those of you who knew me "pre-Arizona" know that my hair is naturally curly..really curly. When I moved to AZ I discovered that dry heat is good for curly stay NON CURLY. I rejoiced in this! For the first time in my life I did not have to fight the dreaded frizz..For the past long 9 months I have been fighting the frizz fight and I'm tired of it..and so is my hair. So I'm welcoming back curly haired Amber. No more wrestling the straighting iron only to be ruined by a down pour on my way out to the this winter I will embrace the curl and be ok with rubber boots to church. Its time to let the dream die.

6. I took out my nose ring..goodbye edgy Amber.

5. Now I want a new tattoo..don't tell Zach or my parents.

4. House naming contest starts next week...
Here is a little preview of the house tour..ooh I have some decorating goodness going on around here!! It's so good to be in a sweet old house again!

3. I booked three photo sessions in one day last week..yipee!

2. I'm pretty stoked to spend the day with Timi and Come Junk with Us! I also get to meet the famed Barn House Boys...These guys have a cult following in blogging/junking circles around these parts..I feel like I'm going to the Oscars..well the junking/blogging/cute boys/Washingtonish Oscars..

1. I do have to admit I have a sense of peace and serenity I have not had in two long years. Being grounded again fills this void inside me, I'm so glad to have a home that is really my home again:)


Tamis said…
Those shoes you had are almost identical to the pair my daughter got this year. I felt like I was traveling back 23 years ago, when I also owned a similar pair.

Love the boots! The look extra spendy!

What made you take out your nose ring? I am 38 and wonder when I will need to take it out so I do not look like a burned out rebel. I would love another tattoo myself. Not sure where I would get it though.
Amber Rose said…
Tamis! Nose ring..long story (I will post it eventually) but I just felt over it..does that make sense?? It's not an age thing (although I saw a 50ish women with one and it did NOT look well) More like an identity I know that makes NO sense!! Yes those boots look EXTRA spendy..thats why I like em;) And regarding the comment on my last post..when we were trying to get that Starbucks picture EVERYONE was staring at the crazy chubby American..but it only took me about 5 tries ..promise!
Anonymous said…
A list!! I'm so excited! I totally get the hair thing. Now you just need product to help it stay curly. This is why I don't travel. Like to stay in the dry heat. You simply MUST have those boots. They are tres magnifique!! ao
Random Thoughts said…
Love the boots! Love the pictures! Love the crazy art! I always wanted a nose ring but missed that opportunity. Never got the tattoo thing but I'm trying.
Miss Charity said…
So why not another tattoo...I'm all about it, but no more ring...I'm so sad :( Remember Vegas? Share, share...I can't take the suspense...
You GOTTA get those boots, under no circumstances should you pass those cuties by...
The list, I love the list...maybe I should start a list????
1. Amber Strehle should keep her nose ring...let's all take a vote?
LOL...that would be #1
Love the hair either way, the cut makes it ;)
Wendy Girl said…
1. I love the boots.
2. I Love the Statues.
3. I think you all ready named your house. "Sweet Old House"
4. I would Love to see you at church in Rubber boots.

Have fun this weekend.
Life's Delish said…
saw the boots in my email today and thought...Amber is so going to beg her husband for those! So happy you are feeling settled. Won't be long before you will catch more than your husband staring at Nippy:).
Anonymous said…
I like Abe - I like Mona - Barn House Boys???...whatever!

I've been eying the Winding Ruffle Boots too - $248.... actually, considering pages 1-52 they are kind of a bargain.
Amber Rose said…
Miss you think they would give us a better deal if we bought two at once? I'm sure they would!! Why don't you come over and stay and we can go to the new Anthro in Bellevue..I think its a great idea!:)
Anonymous said…
just letting you know that I finally got on your blog :) So nice to read it again! No nose ring???? A new tat? Who are you and what have you done w/ Aimber? I have a great idea for you new tat... "get er done" on your left butt cheek

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