My heart belongs to Paris..

Zach and I were laying in bed the other morning..

"Have I told you about the restaurant that only had one thing on the menu in Paris?"

"No." (he is super chatty in the morning)

"They only served steak with a creamy yummy sauce and frites, there was no menu and when you ordered you just told the waitress how you wanted your steak cooked (and you better DARN well say nothing more than medium, or she is going to stab your eye out!) when she took your order she wrote it down on the paper table cloth."

"Really?" (see SUPER chatty)

"Yup, then after you were finished they would walk around with big platters of steak cooked the way you wanted and ask if you wanted more..kinda like a really super posh all you can eat joint."

"Sounds like heaven." (just talking my ear off!)

I laid there for a moment remembering that very wonderful meal and evening, one of many wonderful meals and evenings I spent in Paris... Then I was a little sad. When I came home I really had to hit the ground running, I stinking got on a flight to Arizona the very next morning and that was the least of it! Now we are all moved in and life is starting to steady out and I'm realizing I have so much to share! Zach did not even know about the steak bistro.. neither did you! How sad is that? Do you know that at last count I had right around 2000 pictures of my trip? TWO THOUSAND!! How many have you seen? Like 7.. A few more fun facts about my trip...

-Parisian women wear black and navy blue together.

-I just happened to be in the "rainbow district" the same day as the Gay Pride Parade, I don't think you've ever really seen a better looking man in your whole entire life until you've seen a Gay Parisian..they are simply a work of art. I also saw a drag queen dressed as Marilyn Monroe that day..and he was African American (although we were in Paris so does that make him African European? Or maybe he really was from Africa? I never asked him)

-Signs that said, "Stay off the grass" and "Don't pick the flowers".

-I ate at Le Jules Verne restaurant at the Eiffel Tower..and do you know that on the way up I actually started to cry and had to turn away from the elevator guy. (not sure of what is official name is) I mean I was just so overcome with joy and I could not stand it and the tears flowed.. it was a meal that I will never in a million years EVER forget, I think I'm getting teary right now.

-Speaking of tears.. When we were eating yet another positively wonderful meal, a Sunday lunch in fact. There was a middle aged (50's) beautiful women sitting next to our table with her family (two college aged boys and hubby) At some point during the meal she stared weeping..I mean really crying and proceeded to do so for almost the entire meal while her husband sat blank faced and her boys consoled her. She was speaking the quickest French I had heard to date and not touching a piece of the wonderful meal placed before her... Oh did I mention she was impeccably dressed. Prada this, Burberry that and some killer Christian Louboutin heels to match.. When I grow up I want to be a tragically beautiful French women who weeps in public places...

-My wallet was stolen in the Louvre.

-My favorite meal was Duck Confit..can food give you a glimpse of heaven? I'm pretty sure yes.

-Every night I slept with the french doors (ha! french doors IN FRANCE!!) wide open, with the breeze blowing.. I still can't believe that a city sooo crammed full of people can be that quiet at night, it's amazing.

-I wish the Metro did not scare me, but it did. I would much rather be above ground and able to see where I'm hoping and praying I'm going in the right direction.

-I got lost once and had to ask the police how to get to my destination..he pointed me in the right direction, and no they are not bi-lingual.

-French men flirt with anything on two legs..and I loved it:)

-On our first day there I actually fell asleep on a water taxi. The sun was shining, I had been up for 30 hours plus and I made the cardinal mistake..I sat down, and that was it. Next thing I knew Val and Antonya were shaking me awake..

That is just a few of the tidbits I needed to get off my chest..Don't worry there is more where that came from:)


Anonymous said…
"Bonjour. J'ai un probleme Ou et la toilette? Repetez, s'il vous plait. Plus lentement. Pouvez-vous l'ecrire? Mille fois merci!" That's what you asked, right?ao
Lateda said…
I cant believe I have NEVER heard any of this!!
(except the part about the french women wearing navy and black together). I love your writings.. they make me smile! :)
Anonymous said…
Great post! - I love your Starbucks picture and the pure joy on your face in all of the photos...
Tamis said…
I wonder how many times you had to jump to get that awesome Starbucks picture?

What wonderful stories. I have been reading the Julia Child book "my Life in France", it so makes me want to go and immerse myself in the French culture. 2,000 pictures, I think you need to share some more. Gay Pride, Markets, anything!
Lauren said…
I love reading your blogs about Paris - they reaffirm my desire to return one day (hopefully soon!!)

I'd like to visit the 'steak only' bistro. I had a wonderful steak on the Champs Elysees. I can only imagine what a 'one menu item' would be like. You'll have to give me directions :)

Can't wait to swing by your new place one of these days and chat about our adventures from the summer of 2009 that has so quickly passed us by!
Wendy Girl said…
I was wondering the same thing as Tamis. Its so much fun...

I love the Elevator story. It must be the age, everytime I am really happy I start crying.
mimi charmante said…
Hey girlie - how lovely to read a post about your trip after hearing about it from you on Saturday!
So great to see you again~ Have a fabulous week!

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