Come junk with us..well only if want to be super cool.

A few pics from a great day! Here is some Barn House goodness, enjoy!


Julie said…
Amber it was great to meet you on the Junk bus. I am so glad you where there to hang out with the girls and BH boys with a camera in tow. What a wonderful day!
Kathrine said…
Hi Amber,

I am so glad to have met you at Barnhouse. I was the caterer for the event. Thank you for the wonderful photos of the luncheon.

Your blog is beautiful and I am soooo green with envy about your Paris trip!!

Hope to see you again sometime.

Super fabulous,girl.Nice job,photo's are excellent.
A day to remember.
Anonymous said…
Love the pics, never get tired of seeing your photos. Were you really in BFE?ao
kath said…
These are beautiful photos, I came over from Robin @ Bird Tweets ... supercool indeed!
Salvage Studio said…
Your photos really captured the day. It was a delight to meet you...and your blog is beautiful...very heartfelt.

Until we meet again!
Salvage Studio
robin bird said…
these are great photos from the event..i just knew you were snapping out the very best, being the pro photographer for the bus tour and all :) it was delightful talking with you at Barn House. you demonstrated such a perfect balance of having fun and getting down to work. your blog... it seems to reflect your personality quite well. the feelings about your experience in paris are palpable in that post of you remembering your perfect steak dinner :)
have a great weekend :)

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