I scored on these very fun vintage political goodies this week at the happiest place on earth..my local thrift store. There were like 8 unopened packages from about 1954, but I exercised restraint and only bought 4.

So this got me thinking..I have not blogged about politics in a while, then I thought about how I really don't want to blog about politics, which surprised me, then it dawned on me...I'm scared!!

In the 2000 election The Dish and I campaigned with babies on our backs! We withstood nasty Washington rain in November to proudly proclaim our candidate. We had the most obnoxious campaign sign in our yard, we rallied, we debated (the vegan guy with the leather sandals) and went to every meet and greet within 5 hours just to catch a glimpse of our guy. What happened?

I could blame it on 9/11, was I naive in the fall of 2000? I could blame it on a prolonged war that as far as the American media is concerned has been nothing but a waste of lives. I could blame in on our current presidential candidates who have yet to rouse any of my political passions. Really though none of these excuses seem to fit. I do know that this election has people fired up. I've made a new rule in the Strehle house, really it's not just a house rule, it's a Strehle family rule. No political talk when people have been drinking..none..zero...nada. (this does have a story attached) Since I was able to vote in my very first election (Bill Clinton..sorry). I have been able to soundly debate my political beliefs. I've held my own against conservatives..then liberals. This year I feel I can still do the same, but people are so..really..well ANGRY. When you add alcohol to anger, it never produces anything positive, let alone logical. So here is my first post of the already long political season we are entering into. I hope it starts looking up soon.


Lateda said…
ha! I LOVE IT! We rocked back then! AND I love the paper as*, and elephant:) They are so cute!
We need the excitement this year! Lets get to it!
Anonymous said…
I have yet to learn the "exercise restraint" thing.

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