First off I have to give a shout out to the hubby. This morning as I was preparing to make a carrot cake at around 5:05 am I realized I was about one cup flour short (im NEVER out of flour). He volunteered to go and get flour AND came home with Starbucks, I did not have to ask him to do either one, I feel so lucky.:)

Ok, so last night I took a Soldered Charm Bracelet class at a very fun, funky, artsy, papery type store in Mesa called Mystic Paper. SO FUN! Let me tell you!! It was great, I think I might be hooked on taking classes. The teacher was a very good instructor and I picked up on her technique very quickly, it’s amazing when you have a good instructor how much easier these things can be. Plus there was this very sweet lady sitting across from me and she said the most perfect crafty thing I have ever heard. We were discussing getting bit by this crafty bug, how we just started creating and we want more and more, never really staying on one particular project. She said it was, “like we had a sickness in our brain”. I’m so serious when I say that is the most perfect way to explain this crafty/artsy/creative thing we have discovered. It seemed very profound to me. My charms are hardly perfect but I'm generally pretty impressed with myself, not too shabby for a first timer. Oh and I can’t mention soldered charms without mentioning The Dish or Miss Elaine. Am I copying them?? Absolutely, remember imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Lastly carrot cake, I saw the recipe here and just had to test it out. I have been meeting bi-weekly with the new gf’s for coffee and this is our last without all the kids week. I thought we should celebrate with cake! I hope it tastes as good as it smells.:)

Tomorrow, ”The Weekly List” and the winner of the house!! Ooh very exciting stuff going on around here!


tinkerverve said…
ooo..beautiful cake! How did it taste? I am truly flattered. You did a great job on your charms for your first ones. I still have my first and it is definitely a keeper.
Lateda said…
Ooh la la... I want some of that CAKE! AND your charms are marvelous! I love them!! Good job girlie.. you are going to be a charmin' fool soon.
Lets be charmin' fools together:)
Anonymous said…
Where's the party, I want some cake! It's amazing how when life slows down you have the time to create beautiful art. AZ has fed your creative spirit. Bravo sis
Anonymous said…
I was lucky enough to enjoy a piece of cake. Then I went home and enjoyed some of the cake sent home for my husband.(He should have been more careful) It was delish! Nice comfort food on a rainy day. amy

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