And the winner is..

Thanks for all of your sweet comments, this was very fun! It is truly better to give than receive..with the exception of diamonds:)

The Weekly List

1. Soldered charm class was soo fun!

2. Only one more week of school!!

3. The give away on the blog has been fun.

4. John McCain is meeting with some potential veeps this weekend here in AZ. I’m very curious about the new governor from Louisiana. You should check him out.

5. Our friends that visited us a few months ago have two sons in Iraq, they are going to be home around June 2.

6. My new gf’s have been very sweet about my blog, thank you ladies

7. Anna at Lifes Delish is coming over today, yeah!

8. It rained all day yesterday, I made a fab chicken tortilla soup and was cold, too weird given it was 110 on Monday.

9. I have developed a serious texting addiction. What is step number 1? Oh yea admitting you have a problem. Step 2 anyone?

10. Mexico is nine short days away. I’m thinking it will be just like the Corona commercials, except with 9 kids running around, well almost like the commercial.


tinkerverve said…
Hurray to Johnna! You are the lucky one!!!!!!!
Lateda said…
YAH Johnna!

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