The Weekly List

10. The weather here has been soo perfect that I have had to pinch myself like 3 times this week. I totally love it.

9. Scott McClellan’s book.. hmm what’s that about when you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. Please don’t waste your money, check out, you’ll read the same stuff for free.

8. Anderson Cooper CNN hottie, please Anderson your much more attractive when you don’t open your mouth. Especially with phrases like, “cog in the spin machine” seriously, do you have a writer?

7. Kids are done with school. Summer is officially here.

6. I’m going to Mexico in a few short days

5. Thursday was a great Arizona day, water park by day, country club by night, not at all Washingtonish.

4. Your marriage is important, make it a priority.

3. My summer is so full and I’m loving it! It is not that stressful busy, it’s the exciting busy.

2. My husband has brought me flowers for no good reason the past two weeks (the previous week he had a reason)

1. My WONDERFUL bloggy friends!! How cool are all of you, getting your blog on!! Welcome Wendy, Charity !! the next week or so is going to be totally crazy..I hope to post a few pics here and there but not much else..keep the comments coming, when I land I will have lots of stories and deep insights to post .(deep insight, who is this lady?)


Lani said…

I soooo enjoy your blog!!! Been reading now for several months. (Right before Christmas). Lori and I need to take a trip to AZ and see you. Bryan and the kids and I are taking a road trip to Vegas to stay for a week at the end of June. Good times!! Hope all is well with your awesome family. Much love!!

Lateda said…
Your weekly checklist depresses me. My goodness, you have the LIFE! Boo hoo! :(
Miss Charity said…
What can I say? How about...I wanna be just like you when I grow up :-) Your blog is awesome...hopefully in time, I can aspire to your expertise in the creative writing department. Until them I will scratch my way through, and you being my girl will just have to suffer through it! Love Ya...have a blast in Mexico...I'm jealous :-) In a good way, can't wait to see you in July!

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