Artichokes and Girlfriends..

I had this moment yesterday. I felt a feeling that I have not felt in a long time. I felt like I belong. I just might have found my place. Some people are solitary people they can go through life on their own, with a few relationships and be content. I am not one of those people. I like to have others around me, not just my closest friend, all stages of friends.
The women God has placed in my life constantly amaze me. Good, kind, beautiful, sweet, faith filled women. I truly feel blessed to have such a wonderful array of women around me (near and far). You are all continually amazing me with your God given strengths and talents. Yesterday I was able to create, dream, laugh, minister, eat, drink and laugh some more here in AZ, not via the telephone, myspace or the blog. I have waited for close to a year for a day like that. I was exhausted and it felt good.
Today I have walked around all day with a little smile on my face looking forward to what tomorrow might bring.. well more like who tomorrow might bring.


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