This year has been a year of firsts for me..many firsts. As I'm coming up on a year here in AZ I look back and see many firsts..

~Last night was my first official "gathering" at my house. This was the first time I've had multiple families from here in AZ over at my house. In Washington this was something I did maybe 3 plus times a week! I can't believe its been over a year since I invited a few people over to hang out. Crazy, it felt good to entertain again, to let my new girlfriends and their families come relax by the pool with food and laughs. These are also the same gf's that we will be traveling to Mexico with in June..more "entertaining" photos to follow on that one for sure:)

~Today was the first over 100 degree day of the year, I have now officially spent all 4 seasons here in AZ..that is a huge first for the small town Amber.

~Last night I let the cat out of the bag and the new gf's know about my blog..this was a little hard for me. My blog is personal, the people that visit it are close and know me best, they are also fellow bloggers/crafters/general Amberish type people. If you are not accustomed to this side of me..well you might think me wierdish, but hey love me or hate me I am what I am:) And I think the new gf's will think I'm even cooler than before:)

~First give away..So I have noticed on many crafty type blogs the ladies do "give-aways". This has many purposes, to increase traffic on your blog, to put your art (or something like art) out there and to have people leave lots of great comments on your blog. I like the "lots of great comments on my blog" reason. So leave a comment and on Friday I will randomly draw a name and the winner gets my new fabulous Tres Birds house collage. I guess if only like 4 of you comment then your chances are really good:) Comment away!


Lateda said…
"ooh ooh oooh PICK ME, PICK ME!"
I LOVE the new "look" of the blog.. and I love the give away too! You are an inspiration girlie.. Keep up the good work.. and Im excited you shared with the new Gf's.. Maybe they will look at my blog too:) ooohh.. so much fun!
Anonymous said…
Cute bird, so cute! I've been thinking about a give-a-way for my #50 blog. I think I'm getting close. I think you commented on my last blog before I was done. Check it out again. My computer shut off on me right in the middle. At least I didn't loose it all. Keep crafting those little lovelies!
Life's Delish said…
I want it! I want it! I know your blog will be loved. How could it not? Look forward to seeing you soon.
Anonymous said…
Here's my first comment(before Karen if you notice)on my first blog made by my first friend to have a blog.(Does that get my name on the biggest piece of paper?) Loved the house when I saw it so I've already picked out a spot for you don't have to pay shipping! BTW, love the blog. You're not weird, just more connected, intelligent, creative, homemakerly, motherly, curly haired, tank top wearin than me. And, I visited all the other cool blogs, I'm so jealous! ao
Anonymous said…
Don't worry, about a thing... every little thing, gonna be alright. Woke up this mornin'. to the risen sun, tres birds, upon my door step, singing sweet songs, a melody pure and true, singin' this is my message to you ooh ooh... need I go on????

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