Weekly List

Here are a few things that have been consuming my mind this week, I think I might start posting a list every week..we will see.

1) What the frick am I going to be when I grow up, seriously this question is keeping me up at night.

2) I'm SOO glad school and football are almost over. I'm way over them.

3) Farm Chicks!!

4) I have not read anything other than magazines in a very long time, which is weird for me.

5) I feel bad for the people I love who are hurting, and wish that I could fix them..and feel bad when I can't. There are a few of you that I think about more than several times a day, this makes my heart hurt.

6) I really like my big new church.

7) Shad is growing up very fast and it scares me.

8) I have the best husband in the whole wide world.

9) I miss my friend/babysitter.

10)There is a group of Christians in San Diego that are making a big deal about the new Starbucks cups..too risque. Ridiculous.


Lateda said…
I LOVE the weekly list! Keep it up girl, this is PERFECT entertainment for our show too! I love #1... as if you haven't grown up yet! ha!
I will be having a garage sale tomorrow and BOO HOO'ing because YOU will not be here to enjoy the adventure with me... BUT I guarantee TOMORROW would bring in some good footage for our show too! :)
Lateda said…
AND what is up with number 8... I have the BEST husband in the whole world... hmm.hmm. Are we talking about the same guy??Like THE one who moved you AWAY from me? ha!
He's pretty great.. But don't you dare tell him I said that.. Its OUR secret!
Anonymous said…
define "frick"
Amber Rose said…
"Frick" It's a very strong "Nice Girl" alternative to another word that is not very "nice girl" at all. Is the word Frick attractive? No. When this word is used by Amber it normally means she is very passionate/frustrated about her subject and words from "Nice Girl" world would not fully describe her feelings.
Lateda said…
ha! Frick... my FAV word!
Or Flippin'... Or Friggin'.. They all work when In a PINCH and on the verge to bringing out the BOMBS!
P.S. Time to bust out the definitions of ALL our lingo girlie.. Frick will be the FIRST word!
i have the perfect sentence...
"I have a friggen garage sale today to go sell all this flippin' chochkie, but FIRST I have to take a trip to WAMU to get some change."
Anonymous said…
Are those your legs? Come on, you live in the desert now! ao
Amber Rose said…
For the record..those are Laurens legs (my gf/babysitter from wa) My legs have not been that white since I moved a year ago!!:)
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you miss your friend/babysitter, but you are doing her no justice by posting her pasty legs on the internet!!

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