The List..

New math? Government new math...


This will be a very politically charged post.

10. So this week I have wanted to chuck my shoe through the radio, computer, tv (if i'm close to one). Seriously..I hate the fact that every single news outlet spins the news, pushes their agenda and withholds facts. **If you want to know the truth about ANY candidate go research him/her on your own**

9.The political scene has gotten so polarized that neither side will consent, concede or be even remotely objectionable. If you are a Republican you say that Sarah won the debate, if you are Democrat you say Joe won the debate, simple as that. We have moved so far past respect and honesty that it sickens me

8. I do/did not support the bail out plan, period.

7. I really did enjoy the debate on Thursday, and I think it's sad how much better it was than the McCain/Obama debate.

Here in AZ we have olive groves..I stole this one from the park, I'm sorry but being a rainy Washington girl I could not help myself, and of course I had to share with you..(oh and I really like this pic)

6. So are some of you REALLY interested in the 30 days of nothing pledge?? January?? Let me know, what are you willing to give up for 30 days?

5. The Sister so far has had a great show!! She is the talk of her little town with her cute "rust and crust". I'm so proud!!

4. The Husband is off of work for 11 days, being married to a workaholic is fine by me, so when he comes home for 11 days, well to be truthful it cramps my style..wish me luck.

3. We found a house!! YEAH!! It's about 3 miles from the kids school which is so awesome, this will cut like 20 minutes off of my daily commute, which is even more awesome. I'm thinking it's a good move for the Strehle's. The move will happen Nov 1..let the packing begin..yuck.

2. I'm officially the biggest meal planning advocate on the face of the earth

1. VIVA LA MEXICO!! Monday a.m. we are off to the land of wind, sand and salt air...ahh can you feel me relaxing right now? I only ask for a little prayer..crossing the boarder with The Dish, at times she just seems to attract trouble, if we end up in Mexican prison I'm not sure I will be able to blog...


Deb Shirley said…
Have fun in Mexico. I'm a bit jealous, though. The closest I get to Mexico is Ixtapa after church every Sunday. ¡Viva los frijoles!
Wendy Girl said…
Yeah Johnna!!
Yeah Loves!!
Yuck Moving!!
Yeah Meal Planning!!
I am willing to try the entire challenge! Does the bussiness count?
tinkerverve said…
Take my advice & don't watch TV. I did watch the debate but even then I had to leave the room a lot. - Could be a little scary with the boarder crossing...on every level!!! Have a great time! Is your new house still in Gilbert?
Timi said…
Have a fantastic time! Can't wait to see pictures
johnna said…
I know how to post now! Yippi! Um...2+2=4 silly

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