The List

The Husband snapped the pic's of the kiddos..not bad for a newbie;)

10. Have you ever had one of those times when life's picture is actually little more clear?

9. So instead of the 30 days of nothing challenge I'm trying to put together for January, my AZ gf Amy has decided to do a 30 days of excess challenge..hmm;)

8. I don't think I have ever posted on my blog about how much I HATE Halloween..and seriously Arizona is like the Halloween capitol of the world. People started putting up H-Day decorations in September! You would think that with all of this economic uncertainty people would not spend money on the very most consumer driven holiday EVER!! Oh we are so lucky to live in America..

7. I have decided that I really, really, really don't like saying good-bye. More like.."hey see you around" or "until next time" or just sneaking out of the room quietly, which I have done.

6. Mexico was sooo fun, we really had a great time. Trish did very good other than hyperventilating while going through the boarder crossing. We actually met some really nice people from Mesa (close to were we are moving) Look at us making friends BEFORE we move!!

5. On Friday Trish and I went shopping , we hit Agritopia for some coffee with Karen and Amy...then we went to the most magical place on earth..Anthropologie, and because Dave Ramsey is the most evil man on earth I did not buy anything AND then (of course this story has a happy ending) we were all jazzed up with Anthropologie we hit two local Goodwill's..guess what? I came away with some very Anthropologie inspired outfits..for 35 bucks, who is Zach loving now?? That's right me..

4. So do you guys know that Christmas is like around 70 days away. Are you ready??

3. I'm not sure how pc this is going to sound... elderly people really are wise, and we should listen to them much more often than we do. That kind of wisdom only comes with age and experience.

2. The Sister's BFF Mya has started blogging..please go check it out!! She such a sweet gal and I promise you will be blessed:)

2 1/2. I have so much to say this week that it is taking more than 10:) Miss Elaine posted a few days ago on Fretting, go read it! Which leads me to number one..

1. VOTE..VOTE..VOTE (yes even you Karen)


Johnna Sutton said…
I also hate halloween! It must be our childhood!
tinkerverve said…
~wasn't jealous about you hangin' with Trish until you mentioned going to a wonderful place for coffee. I would love to spend some time there with you (and her)...(and anyone else)...(but no boys!).
~thx. for the friendly link
~the pics are great!
~good thing you bought my lovely Anthro towel before Dave came along
The Babysitter/Friend said…
I'm moderately excited to vote - this is better than my political apathy two months ago :)

Love the pics... give Z a pat on the back for me.
Lateda said…
I dont mind Halloween much, but your right, those Arizonians are NUTS about it!
I miss you already:) And I expect some kuddo's on the "new friend" find:)
VOTE!VOTE!VOTE!(its so annoying!)
AND who's the cute kids! ha! Way to go Z!
Mucho Love from the DISH:)
Wendy Girl said…
Is Halloween Worse than Christmas?
Cuz your neighbors had santas up on the rooftop at Thanksgiving last year?
Anonymous said…
I made the list, name and all!! I'm getting ready, making my list and checking it twice. Poor Jon, he will have to work so hard. Oh well. If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. amy
Anonymous said…
I'm gonna vote twice!
Amber Rose said…
Just register as Mickey Mouse, no one will ever notice;)
mya-papaya said…
Miss Amber-you are such a hoot! I love reading your blog. I thought I posted to this before, but now I'm not sure, so I'm doing it again! Good job encouraging people to VOTE! We have an Anthropolgie outlet 16 miles from our home, we love it! I got shirts for the girls for $5!!! Thanks for the blog mention too!

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