The List..

Just pictures this week, I'm too tired from my hard week of laying in the sand, come on I know you feel my pain:) Ahh..
Yup, this is really hard to wake up to every morning..
Trish and Maddy..
Maddy, the boys with some serious bed head
At times I'm very impressed with myself
Trisha, myself and the new bangs...
Late nights and laughs
This is how I picture heaven to be..


Wendy Girl said…
I love the beach pictures.
The wine glass one says it all.
A little shakey with the camera. I am glad you guys had fun.
Anonymous said…
Grand pics! They make me smile! You look so beautiful in that one of you. Now back to LIFE. YEAH!!!
Miss Charity said…
I LOVE your hair! That picture of you and are the BOMB baby. I'm so jealous right now...I could spit green ;) Hope your having fun (without me, sniff) Don't do anything I wouldn't do, LOL!
Anonymous said…
It looks like you guys had your own private beach! Nobody there. I'm disappointed that you didn't post any pics of the lovers.
Lateda said…
Thanks for all the wonderful memories! A trip we will never forget! Muah!

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