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It's not fall around the Strehle house till I've made these..falling off the no sugar wagon never tasted so good:)
Ok ignore the cheesy grin..but this is one of the FAB shirts I found at the Goodwill a couple of weeks back, I received soo many compliments this shirt..only 4.99 (oh and I scored the necklace at the Seattle Goodwill and bracelet..Forever 21)
Adorable pic of sissy;)

10. Ok I have a little confession to make..I'm starting to like Dave Ramsey, even though Karen and Amy made fun of me cuz I paid for the pizza with quarters, that I stole from the kids allowance fund (don't judge me!!) in the end it will be worth will see;)

9. So I have to brag on myself a little, I have been doing so AWESOME with the whole meal planning gig, and for whatever reason it's really working out for me. One of the things that I'm super stoked about our new house is it's really smack dab in the middle of the city (hard for a country girl like me) but I can seriously ride my bike to Starbucks, Hobby Lobby AND the library. SERIOUSLY!! If I'm feeling a little more adventurous (and the temp is below 110) I can even ride to Barnes & Noble and...get this..really..I promise.. Anthroplogie!!

8. So Amy are you hosting an election night party (if I ask via the blog she can't say no)

7. Swappy Ladies is over..(sniff,sniff) The whole thing turned into a little bit of a whirlwind for me, getting picked up by the Swap Dex and all..CRAZY and of course at the time I had no clue we were going to be moving right in the middle of it. I sure hope you all had a great time and will join us again in the spring. In honor of my Paris trip I might try a European theme..hmm.

6. Are you not going to be so happy when the election is over?? Regardless of the outcome I'm just going to be glad to be over with it.

5. So Hammy (the kids grandmother) is going to be getting a little bit older very soon!! It always makes me a little sad to be away from her on the "special days" Those of you (Miss Elaine) who are close are going to have to give her a really big hug from us

4. I know that this is going to sound a little sick, but I'm soooo ready to put up my Christmas decorations!! I'm turning into one of "those people" I'm going to try and host a big Thanksgiving shindig at the new house, do you think it would be tacky to have the house ready for Christmas?? The sad thing about it is..I have sooo much!! Arizona is like the tacky Christmas decoration capital of the world.. Although I think that
Miss Elaine might have won the prize this year for the tackiest Christmas decoration EVER..she gifted me with it this summer and it rode in my passenger seat through 4 states. It's made out of styrofoam cups and its really..well..weird..I will have to post pictures. And NO please don't send me your ugly decorations..I like Kitsch..much different peeps:)

3. I have decided that I really am not ready to move again, but oh wait it's much too late for that now..bummer.

2. The new people that we met in Mexico are looking to buy a house right across the street from our new house..HOW FUNNY IS THAT!! Seriously..

1. Ok dear and faithful readers, this is going to be my last post for a while..I might pop in a give a little update, but at this point I'm thinking not. This move is not agreeing with me and the last distraction I need is the constant pull of the blog. Don't give up on me!! Keep checking back, once we are settled I will return!


Anonymous said…
Wow, get a few mentions and now the pressure of hosting a party. Might actually be kinda fun. I'll let you know. amy
Lateda said…
Rick the firefighter.. right across the street! AWESOME!
Nice shirt.. You look FAB!
Election night party.. oh the days!! boo hoo!
Happy MOVING! You are going to LOVE your new house! I cant wait to come visit!!!
Anonymous said…
Swappy Ladies isn't really over...I haven't sent or received a gift. Actually, we are mailing them tomorrow. ;-) The beautiful Christmas decoration that I gave you is really made with Styrofoam (spell check told me to capitalize that...yay for spellcheck!) egg cartons...that's way cooler that cups. :-) I'll try to give the Ham a great hug for you.
Yarni Gras! said…
don't be gone too long.......BTW, love that blouse!
Can't wait for the next swap.....
StephanieInCA said…
Being a remote-control-control-freak (esp after learning my lesson during CNN’s 04 Bob Dole/Bob Woodward Election Night bore-gasm), I’m hosting a soiree of my own. Mostly pitchers of booze (mmm, sangria!), but also frozen pizza masquerading as classy food. Here are the recipes, if you’d like to do the same:

I'm also hoping to get Election Night bingo cards uploaded tonight or tomorrow, so check back for that. Cheers!

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