The List..

The cutie in the middle is my guest blogger this week..

So I was chatting to my AZ gf Amy on Friday and she asked me if she could do a "guest post" for my list this week!! YES!! How fun is that!! Amy is a blogger wanna-be and has not taken the plunge quite yet..but as you will soon be able to see she as all the makings of a great blogger.

Thanks to my great AZ gf Amy and her awesome list!! Here goes nothing...
She even took an "artsy" photog..Swappy Goodness:)

So, Amber is so busy getting ready for the big move. I don't know about you but I love to read the list and I got sad when she said she wouldn't be on for a while. Therefore, here is a feeble attempt at a List. Understand that I'm not a blogger. I just like to look at yours!

10. I have decided to adopt Amber's rule about no politics when there is alcohol involved. I'm including religion too after Karen took some hits to her beliefs over the weekend. Why do people think it's okay to ask really personal questions and then give you a hard time for your answer?

9. Be thankful for the health you have. You could wake up one day with everything changed and be scrambling to find out what is wrong with you.

8. Don't forget those friends that you haven't seen in a while.

7. So Amber has been doing this Dave Ramsey stuff for a while. I know she complained a lot at first but she seems to have settled into this program. I must admit I'm really impressed if not a little jealous of the meal planning and money saving. I'll have to get her to share a little. She'll probably make me pay her.

6. I discovered the only thing I'm really good at around the house is laundry. Sure, my family is fed and the house looks like it is clean. But, the dinners are always the same and I had to hire someone to fill in for my cleaning inadequacy . But laundry I can do. I know how to get stains out, how to make things smell good and how NOT to shrink things. I even have these things called Arms of Laundry for drying and I hope they never break. I can iron too and actually like to do it. My friends think I'm crazy when I use starch on a t-shirt. I have decided to just embrace my one good thing and go with it.

5. I miss different seasons. This heat blows. Time to move to Colorado. (Don't tell the husband cause he'll start packing.)

4. Thanks for letting me in the swap Amber. I had fun "making" my jars. I'm sure there were way more crafty ideas, but I pulled it off and even mailed it almost on time.

3. I can't wait for the holidays. I think this is the year it will get fun with my little guy-3 in January.

2. I can't stand all the political ads. I can't wait for this election to be over so we can just get on with life.

1. Thanks for letting me guest list Amber. I don't know how you do all this blogging, facebook, myspace, twitter stuff. I barely got the time to type this without my family looking over my shoulder and asking what I was doing. Come back to the blog soon!!


Miss Charity said…
Nice job, Amy! It's nice to know you have a true friend there in AZ, Ambo :-) Well, if the truth be known I'm sure you have quite a few friends there, you just can't help it. Your way to easy to be friends with! Amy, I love your one good thing. Way to show-case it! Take Care, lots of love, your gonna need it during this "moving business"
Anonymous said…
You go Amy-girl!
Wendy Girl said…
Good Job Amy.
I think that you should post your own now. I would read it and enjoy.
Your Swappy Swappy is really cute.
Lateda said…
Yah' all did a good job:)
You need to get busy on your own now girlie! I'll be a waitin!
Anonymous said…
It was OK... :)

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