Swappy Ladies..Are you ready??

I have not heard from The Dish all day.. I'm sure this is because being the last minute gal she is, she's buried deep in her work corner..creating for the swap. Are you all ready? The deadline is tomorrow.

(and sshh don't tell but I just finished mine this afternoon)

**Don't forget to send me pic's to post**


Anonymous said…
Lateda said…
ha! Believe it OR NOT.. I actually waited until tonight finishing it.. how did you know?? Tomorrow I will be searching for a box to ship it! And how in the heck am I going to wrap it?
But, tomorrow.. I will be ready... Its like the election voting.. we have until midnight to have it postmarked, right? ha!
Miss Charity said…
All ready! Can't wait...this is the best part. Hoping our swap partner likes her special gift :-)

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