Swappy Ladies Update

Did you think I fell off the face of the earth?? We have had company for the past 10 days..so if you emailed me I will be responding ASAP!!

I'm back and anxious to talk about the swap!!

You Swappy Ladies never cease to impress me!! Already swappy goodness has started crossing the nation:)

A quick side note..if you have a chance to snap a picture of your stuff (that is the goodies you give AND the goodies you receive) please post on your blog, or even send me a pic or two and I can post.

Here The Sister (the hottie blond) is sporting her swappy item (the FAB green apron) from YarniGras at her Fall Sale..She loved it!!

Remember the shipping deadline is the 22nd.

My work bench is happily overwhelmed with my swap item, and the thrift store did not let me down!! This is such a fun swap:)

Much Swappy Love!


Johnna Sutton said…
I love that apron, it's wide...good for the "5 kiddo" hips!My swappy lady is very talented!
mya-papaya said…
I can't believe I missed this swappy exchange. I really loved the first one! I hope I don't miss the next one!

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