The List...

The new bff's
What a man, what a man, what a mighty mighty good man!

Breakfast at the new house pool side, pumpkin spice scones.. just like Starbucks!

10. So let's talk about cleanliness..what is your definition?? I know I'm a bit of a clean freak but REALLY when you move out of your house, PLEASE clean it!!! Seriously the reason I have not blogged is because my newest BFF has been the toothbrush and a bottle of bleach..nice.

9. The new house..hmm what can I say, I do like it..well now that it's clean it's better, much better. It's just different than our last house and a country girl like me is just not used to people being able to look into your back yard.

8. Fall has FINALLY arrived here in AZ..seriously this is by far my very favorite time here. The weather is absolutely PERFECT!!
Now please point me back to this post come April..thanks;)

7. My blog's "look" right now is very boring to me. This is making me frustrated, so I talked to a very sweet artsy gal at church this past Sunday and she is going to do some work for me!! Yeah! Does anyone have any fab ideas to pass along???

6. Are you ready for Christmas?? Our new house is on a Christmas parade route..seriously we are going to have to step up our outside game. We have never really done much outdoors, just a wreath and maybe a few white lights..Clark Griswold look out!

5. Last week Anna and I were able to go to lunch for our Birthdays..of course it was cut a little short by a call from the school about a sick kid, well with 7 between us one of us was bound to be called! But none the less we did get a quick visit into our local Anthro to check out the new Christmas stuff..TOO CUTE!!

4. Speaking of B-days and Anthro..the hubby, taking great pity on me, did the most non-Dave Ramsey thing EVER and got me these for my birthday..sorry ladies but he's sooo taken;)

3. **UP COMING CHALLENGE ALERT** Ok fellow bloggy peeps I'm going to be issuing a new challenge..self portrait Tuesdays.
What you say??
This coming Tuesday I want us all to take a picture (or use a previous) picture of ourselves to post on your blog.This pic needs to be able to describe a certain aspect of yourself..Get it?? I already have mine picked and no I did not think of this on my own so I'm not taking any credit;)
More info on this to come.

2. So I started discussing some bloggy things in snack shack this Sunday, found out about this blog..PLEASE do yourself a favor and go check it out. It will make you think, next it's time to act, maybe our 30 days of nothing challenge should go here.

1. Speaking of snack shack and bloggy discussions... A new found friend (ok it's was C.J. more on him later!) at church and I were talking about blogging. He mentioned that he had visited my blog in search of the very funny video I posted a few weeks ago. He then informed me he does not "get blogging" of course I have heard this line many times before..but what he said next really (and still is) bugged me... He said that, "blogging seems narcissistic" then he added, "and that really is saying something coming from me." Which I might add is very true.
Ok C.J. that whole comment has been bugging me all week!!
What do you guys think?? Am I and this whole bloggy circle a bunch of narcissistic people?? Please stay tuned for an entire post on's brewing in the brain:)


Timi said…
Happy Belated Birthday! I'm so far behind on my blog reading.
I just found my new BBF the toothbrush and softscrub. That is so funny that you would have that picture on your blog. I just last night scrubbed all the grout around the sink, cook top and tiles on the back splash. I wore out the toothbrush. I always thought it was clean. Guess not because when I got up this morning in the day light that kitchen sparkled. AMAZING! When we moved in to this house 3 years ago my mother and I spent 2 full 8 hour days just scrubbing the kitchen because it was so nasty. I know what you mean about CLEAN YOUR HOUSE before you let someone move in.
I love my Gel Pro Mat. So far it's working out great. I'm planning on getting the larger one this next week,once I find another coupon. :-)
Anonymous said…
Yeah! I love to post the first comment. ;-) I absolutely LOVE your bird mug....and the boots, I've got to have some - they're gorgeous! What does narcisististttt mean anyway? Actually, I'm better off NOT KNOWING!
Lauren said…
Now I need to visit your new house. If only I had some $$... Anyone want to pay big bucks for a live-in nanny?? :)

And I don't care what CJ says, I like blogging - and reading blogs!

Funny story about CJ... I found today that we have a mutual friend (besides you). I love facebook!
Random Thoughts said…
I think I must be very narcissistic then. I just advertised my blog on my facebook page. I am so glad you blog. If I can't be in your life there I know I can catch you at your blog and still feel like I'm still with you a little. So glad you seem settled and the move is over. Miss you!
Deb Shirley said…
Is blogging narcissistic (ie: an excessive admiration of oneself)? I suppose it could be, but isn't it all about our motives? (I'm reminded of the first few verses of I Corinthians 13). Honestly, what I see when I'm blog stalking is anything but narcissism. Sure, there's references to clever things people have created or brilliant offspring, but usually its just an honest reflection of life - not attention seeking behaviors but just sharing life, successes and failures alike.
That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
By the way, love the new boots. I promise I won't tell Dave on you.
Miss Charity said…
Loser friend here! Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Sorry I didn't call...migrane madness has been visiting the Watts home. I had to cancel my sale @ Cascade Christmas...sniff...that's o.k...I need to get well first and formost. Love the boots...maybe I can beg for a pair from Santa, lol!
Random Thoughts said…
I know I already commented but tonight I went to the "30 days of nothing challenge" site and felt, well I can't tell you just how I feel except I want to try it and at the same time I am afraid of what I will find out about myself if I do. That being said, what a challenge. Thank you Amber for bringing such great links to us.
Wendy Girl said…
narcissistic? I dont think so..
You do this for us right?
Its all about keeping us all in the loop!! And showing us your new and niffty Ideas..
Anonymous said…
OK when you get those new boots on your feet I wanna hear you singing REAL LOUD - Are ya ready girls, start walkin'! and then I wanna see you doing the pogo pony like I know you can you sassy chickalicious babe. Narcissistic???? Tell CJ to take a hike. Is your blog or anyone elses really doing him any emotional or physical harm??? The only harm he'll get is a swift kick w/ those smokin' boots!

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