Moving..and a little humor

So we are here..our new place.

Yes Zach's back slipped out on literally the second box of the move, yes this happened once before at work while reaching into a file cabinet and yes this was a VERY stressful week!!
BUT...I have some SUPER AZ friends..whose names are..
Karen, Amy, Anna, Andrea C.J.,Jeff and some mover guys
They really saved our bacon, thanks so much guys;)
I'm hoping after church tomorrow I will be able to post..thanks for the prayers and support:)

Oh and if you want to laugh really really hard, like I was crying I was laughing so hard please watch this (some of it's a little harsh) and who ever sent it to me please come forward cuz I need to buy you a coffee or something..seriously I was crying so hard..too good:)


Miss Charity said…
OMGoodness!...I've laughed & laughed...that was a good one!
Lateda said…
That gift is too cute! I love it!
And your collage turned out so cute! Im sure she loved it.
I still havent recieved anything:(
aww well.
Call me!

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