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Christmas crafting (is she getting big or is it just me?)

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Look at me being all eco friendly and stuff..recycled magazine wallet

10. One of the most interesting things that happens when you are forced to say good-bye is you find out how people really feel about you. When I say this I mean either people are like..whatever, see ya around (i never really liked you much anyway) or then there is the unexpected people who are sad to see you go, but you never really knew they liked you in the first place (school office ladies? They have actually liked me this whole time? I wonder how they treat people they DON'T like?) and of course your bff's that you are really sad about leaving. For me, a country girl who has known most my friends forever, its just so amazing how you can really grow close to people in such a short amount of time. My church peeps..I never really started hanging with them til this past August, so thats what 5 months?? Seriously it seems like we have been buds for years, then there is Karen, Amy and Anna (in no particular order) My awesome AZ gf's..ladies I will miss you all so much and you have truly blessed me this past year!! I have said good-bye more in the past 18 months than I ever have my whole life, and really it's not getting any easier.

9. I'm not sure if you all know, but we signed a year lease when we moved only 4 (yes 4!!) short weeks ago. So we had to break lease..big time. Our landlords despite not being the cleanest people I have ever met are some of the nicest people I have ever met. I do have to say though it kinda blows having to show a house 3 days after Thanksgiving that you are not even trying to sell..but I'm such a rocking sales lady I think I rented it out to the first people that looked.. yes I'm just that good (and it does not help that this house looks better than it has in years!)

8. Zach left for Washington Saturday, I'm a touch lonely and a little sad about things in general right now.. and to make matter worse he took my laptop. I have been really wanting a Mac Book Pro..hmm I think this is the perfect time for one:) Nothing like a little retail therapy (shh don't tell Dave)

7. Speaking of my new BFF Dave Ramsey. My FPU graduation ceremony is Monday night, I think I will be selected valedictorian.. or at least most likely to succeed...or most likely to NEVER be able to buy anything fun ever AGAIN.. ok really I just hope I get a diploma:)

6. I have been crafting lots this weekend. I had a super fun morning with Anna (who posted a TERRIBLE picture of me!! go look) on Friday and Sunday afternoon Sissy and I crafted for a bit. Anna and I laughed very hard over our wallets from Sew Liberated. They did not turn out perfect but I'm hoping my next round will be better. The tutorial for the gumdrop wreath can be found here, simple, fun and tasty!

5. How was your Thanksgiving?? Ours was wonderful if I must say so myself. Very low key, good food and of course lots of laughs. I'm so glad I got to spend my last Thanksgiving here in AZ with some good AZ peeps:) (oh can I just say how AWESOME the food was..seriously, I soo impressed myself!)

4. How ya doing on Christmas shopping?? If you have not already seen this go check out Sew Mama Sew. They are doing a handmade Christmas and everyday they post new gifts ideas you can make. It has some SUPER ideas, even some recipes as well, and no it's not all sewing projects.

3. Starting tomorrow moving companies will begin bidding on the cost of moving the Strehle's from AZ to WA. This is my least favorite part of the whole moving gig. I hate having people look through my stuff, hate it. It makes me feel all exposed.

2. So I saw the rough workings of my new blog header today.. I LOVE IT!!! Can't wait!!Oh gosh I'm starting to feel all bloggy grown up:) Sara (the very talented lady who is working on my stuff) will be starting a blog of her own very soon..expect very cool things from this one!!

1. I really can't believe I'm moving back. Who ever said "Careful what you wish for, because you just might get it." was uber wise.


tinkerverve said…
7. I'm thinking Miss Congeniality
6. I love the wallet - your pic looks great & the gd wreath is lovely - nice job Bella
5. My Thanksgiving was the BEST EVER!
4. No Christmas shopping here - not sure what to do about that. Can I make EVERYTHING even if I haven't started yet?
1. Can't wait to have you back...not that I'll see you a lot...but for sure MORE!
Wendy Girl said…
6. I love that site, I love the wallet. Duck tape is fun too.
5.Thanks Giving was a Humbling experience.
4. Christmas presents will all be hand made this year
1. I am so excited to have you coming home.. Yeah...
Miss Charity said…
Sorry, but I'm not sorry I get you back! I love the magazine wallet...I'm gonna make one today. I'll let you know how it goes...see you soon lady! Yipee!
Life's Delish said…
The picture is not that terrible! OK your wallet photo looks really good! Mine makes it look like a bad 4-h project. Maybe i will be del0eting a few not yours :)!
Lateda said…
LOVE the wreath! I cant wait to see SIS and give her a big super hug:)
The wallet is adorable, dont be so hard on yourself! We have soo much crafting to do when you get here, make up for all that lost time:)
I cant believe you are moving back EITHER!! aaahhhh! Too exciting for words!
Your goodbyes will be sad... and I dont envy you. I will miss the AZ peeps too.. but I cant wait to hug you when you get here!

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