**I wrote this the other day**

So right now my house is mostly packed, I have a million, plus one things I should be doing but I had to stop for just a second and post..
Last night I received my swap package from Wendy. I was not going to be in the swap this time only host it, but when Wendy emailed me and said she had been sick and since I have known her for many a year I knew I could make just this one exception:)
Wendy's swap gift was very special to me for a few reasons..first I have seen Wendy change so much over the past few years that it makes me smile really big inside myself:) Secondly, the gift..It is a picture of The Sister and myself as youngsters, we don't have many pictures of this time in our lives and it seems like we were very happy, another elusive item at that time in our lives... I was not at all expecting such a thoughtful, personal gift. This really is the very best kind of gift, and in my mind embodies Swappy Ladies perfectly. It proves that we don't need to spend a ton of money to impress people, nothing flashy or fancy just simple in nature and huge in heart.
Thanks so much Wendy for your very special swappy gift, you really did make my week.

Oh and here are some pic's of my Swappy goodness (I had fun!!) and if you want to see a picture of Wendy's hubby Brad modeling an apron go check out her blog..


Wendy Girl said…
I love you..Thanks for the kudos.
I really had fun making your gifts.
I hope you all have a good, stress free week.
Anonymous said…
That was the best gift ever. So sweet and thoughtful.
Anonymous said…
So much fun. All of this talented creativity is heartwarming. I received my box today and it's full of goodness....and tomorrow's post.

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