[adj. bit-er-sweet, bit-er-sweet; n. bit-er-sweet]
both pleasant and painful or regretful: a bittersweet memory
What an 18 months it has been!
"Both pleasant and painful" describes it perfectly. What started out as the worst time of my adult life, has gradually moved onto something very meaningful and much more a part of me than I ever expected. I can't put my finger on the moment it changed, but I can think back on MANY moments that have changed me. I think I can attribute my surprisingly sad state to my AZ peeps (guys and gals). I have met some of the most incredible people here in Arizona and I'm a much better person because of them. I'm wondering if this is why God even moved us here to begin with, cuz right now I struggling with the question of why..why 18 months? Why start a new life just to move on, truthfully I'm just so tired of saying good-bye.
Flip side.. I'M GOING HOME!! First thought..YAY!! Green, mountains,old friends,gardening,much better clothing,quiet country life.
Second thought..hmm..there are a few things I really did NOT miss..
So how is this displaced country girl going to react? Like I always first a little flustered, maybe eat too much, cry, pray, ask God for clarity and direction and have faith. Then I will pull up the big girl panties and move on. Knowing we are a better family because of the time we spent in AZ.
Zach has been given another opportunity to continue his growth within C----o and we are taking it. He will be leaving AZ next weekend and we will be following him up around the 19th of December. The next chapter of our story has begun. My hope is to make it as meaningful as the last.


Anonymous said…
I think that in many ways you return to WA a changed girl - you will always look back on these 18 mos, with fondness KNOWING why God had you there...that it is was a part of your journey - this life-long journey full of wonderful moments! It reminds me a little of our time in Alaska - it wasn't long but had deep impacts in and on our lives...not to mention our first two beauties were born up there.
Looking forward to more time together!
Anonymous said…
p.s. those are GREAT pics!
Random Thoughts said…
I am amazed and full of joy at what God does. I am teared up right now and am so thankful. When we get together Thursday both at brunch and for dinner we will be so thankful that you will soon be back home. I can't imagine how strange it must feel but know that you are loved so much and have been missed so greatly. To have you and Zach and the kids back. God is so good!
deb said…
Congrats on your chili cook-off win. You do seem to have a crazy life - so much change - but how cool to see you able to process it and make some sense out of it. Looking forward to seeing you.
Miss Charity said…
I'm still pinching myself...I can't believe your moving home! I'm so happy, I can't even explain through words...I've tried calling the dish, but you know that gal, always out and about! So soon, too...we're all so blessed by God, aren't we? Old beginings...yipee!
Wendy Girl said…
I love the pictures.
Everything else goes without saying.
Timi said…
What a great post! Sorry and congrats.
On a lighter could open a professional moving business with all that moving you have done. :-)
Anonymous said…
What lovely pics. I can't wait to see your home all decorated... I can't comment just yet on you leaving,except that it still really blows.

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