Give Thanks

As you can see the kiddos have been busy.
We have been so blessed these past few days, very few things in life bring such deep joy.
Now I know right now a majority of the ladies who read this snazzy blog are scurrying around like mad getting the turkey dressed, stuffing stuffed and mashing potatoes, but please, before the day gets away from you..think of everything YOU have to be thankful for. Then let your Creator know you are thankful, let your hubby know, let your kids know.. let anyone within a 10 step radius know, because at times (especially these times) we truly have so much to be thankful for:)
Here's what I'm most thankful for..


tinkerverve said…
sweet post! - I thought of you today!
Anonymous said…
I have to say I'm thankful to have you as a friend. I'm sure gonna miss you!ao
Anonymous said…
I just noticed the kid flipping over in the chair... that pic is classic! And I'm in denial about you leaving just keep telling myself its not gonna really happen.

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