The List..American Style

I'm feeling pretty patriotic today. This morning I decided I was going to change up my list a little, so here is Amber's 10 greatest things about America:)

10. Freedom.
This nation was founded on freedom, men fled from a monarchy to taste true freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and the freedom to chose who runs our country. Without freedom, America would not be..well America!

9. Diversity.
No matter what you hear or read via the biased media, America is THE place to be. People want to live here, and we let them, with out expecting them to become like cool are we?

8. Giving.
We are such a generous nation. Did you know that over the past 8 years we have tripled our humanitarian aid to Africa? People of the highest income (Gates&Oprah) to the lowest income (kids!) are givers, we put others before ourselves..makes me all choked up inside.

7. Optimism.
On 9/12/01 (and after Pearl Harbor) America woke up, pulled up the big girl panties and said, we CAN recover, we CAN be stronger, we will not let you defeat us.
We are a hopeful bunch, always on the sunnyside.

6. Equality.
Jon O'Neill (Amy's hubby) is a pilot. Recently he flew Metallica. The Husband and my boys were asking him a bunch of questions about it. They were thinking it was a pretty big deal to be flying these legends of rock! Jon said something simple yet profound, "You know they put on their pants in the morning the same way we all do."
Regardless of background, race, creed, religion, sex, class or even being a rock-star we are all have the very same opportunities, anyone can be a rock-star..I mean if you can sing..and have good get my point!

5. Free Market.
Bill Gates the Harvard drop out, takes an insane idea, builds a "personal computer" in his fathers garage and became a zillionare. That is pretty incredible stuff..gotta love free market.

4. Religion.
We are a nation of faith, many types of faith. It gives America a moral compass, it makes us a stronger nation, and whatever you want to call it, the Golden Rule, Karma, Reincarnation..its beautiful to see our faith in action.

3. Pop Culture.
Some will differ with me on this one, but I love pop culture. The fact that you sitting here right now reading my blog is totally because of pop culture and the fact that I can write anything I want to stinking write is also distinctly American, no censorship here.

2. The American Dream.
You say it's lost? No way!!
This election season alone perfectly embodies the American dream. Think about the diversity of candidates..African American, former first lady, war hero, former southern baptist minister, LDS member and a hockey mom, just to name a few.
Who said the American dream is not alive??

1. The National Anthem.
As I get older, there is now hardly a time I don't get a little teary when I hear our national song. When you look over at the vet taking off his ball cap and bowing his head in honor of our country, does not something deep inside of you stir?
So fellow bloggy folks..what is your favorite thing about America?


Deb said…
Thanks for the optimistic blog - I have been a little bit excited today, even though the election didn't necessarily turn out how I was hoping; I refuse to be gloomy about it. I love living in this land of equality, prosperity, freedom and opportunity. God bless America, my home sweet home.
Anonymous said…
ooh ooh ooh, first one to comment and nothing clever to say... except Amen to that sister!
Anonymous said…
Oh crap, I didn't even answer your question... my favorite... Giving
Anonymous said…'s kind of late to answer a ?,...any ? Let's see...gotta say that my favorite part about America is living in it. I know I take the whole thing for granted but I love just makes me want to sing - in fact, tomorrow I'll sing the National Anthem just for you!
Lateda said…
"Oh say can you See!"
My favorite thing.... the patriotism that we show almost everyday, and especially on the 4th of July:)
We Americans (most) are SO very PROUD of our military, the men and woman that fight for this country, risking their lives to keep our freedom!
May God bless the troops and keep them safe!
Miss Charity said…
Thanks for the've lifted my spirits. Feeling really bad over how everything turned out...but I am an American, and noth'n can beat that!
Johnna Sutton said…
Oh..oh....say can you see!!!! Sometimes your smartness makes me wonder if we are related?
Wendy Girl said…
I have to agree with the teary eye.
I get goose bumps and watery eys every time I hear that song Live.
Anonymous said…
I got teary just reading this one and then you went and mentioned the've got me all choked up. I love the fact that we have choices here. No matter how small it may seem, we get to choose. So, as I head off to spend my day as I choose, I'm putting my flag out! amy
Anonymous said…
Amy forgot to mention that the flag is Texas Tech... get your guns on Amy!
Hey Girlie! I sure am missing you, sounds like your doing good, and you look terrific! I really liked this list, I think my favorite part is the optimism part. It is amazing how our country never gives up and always pops back. I guess I can relate to that, with Russ being out of work since June, it has been tough. Praise God, he started back to work Monday! So we didn't give up, now we are ready to pop back, wish us luck! Have a great week!

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