Free Stuff!

What better way to boost my low blogging ego than by offering some free stuff in lieu of a comment or two??
Heres the dealio I've been doing some cleaning out of the craft corner. I have a problem with stuff (a.k.a junk,bits,bobs,trinkets) and acquiring too much stuff. Really its stuff I will never use, not sure why I have it in the first it's yours..for FREE..yup just offer a comment about what kind of stuff you have a weakness for (or maybe your perfect and have no weakness..whatever!) and Friday I will draw names..then presto you could have a fun little package arriving, really who does not like to get stuff in the mail..especially when it's free!!
(Please specify if you would like package #1 or #2)

Package #1-Various buttons and sewing notions, plus some super huge rolls of ribbon, (one a very nice velvety white that I was reluctant to part with)

Package #2-Scrapbooking stuff..No I don't scrapbook..yes I am also wondering why I have all this..don't ask..and whatever you do please don't tell THE HUSBAND!!

Comment away!


Timi said…
I don't think you have enough room in your comment section for my weakness. I'm weak!

Diet Coke
Notions, ribbon and buttons are my favorite.
small pitchers
ice cream
slot machines
Toile anything
babies of any kind. Two legged or 4 legged I don't care.
cardigan sweaters
dishes of any kind
Do you want me to go on???? We refer to it as "The Problem" at this house.
"well, you know.....Timi has the problem" See, having the problem covers a lot of sins. :-)
Anonymous said…
I was going to say that there isn't room for me to list my weaknesses but look @ Timi - MMMmmmm... Oh well, safe to say that anything OLD is my weakness and I have a definite one for sewing notions. Good luck to ME!

p.s. I have 'the problem' too - & we just don't talk about it. :-)
Anonymous said…
I'm commenting but I don't want anything. (Because I could never get rid of it because it came from a friend.) I have a weakness for anything with perceived "sentimental value", such as things that belonged to grandparents, etc.
Random Thoughts said…
I love package 2, the scrapbooking stuff. My weaknesses are different types of teas, cookbooks and cooking magazines, buttons, scones of different types, polish pottery, pewter, old linens, new linens, dishes. I am surprised at all my weaknesses now that I put them down.
Lateda said…
hmm. hmm.
Weaknesses... harsh!
Ok. here goes.

cake tins
milk glass
paper crafts(no I dont want yours!)
Brad Pitt
You already know about my clothes weakness.
and whip cream in a can...
just to name a few...

keep your junk.
Wendy Girl said…
Scrapbook stuff......
I do however allready have way too much stuff. Did I say WAY TOO MUCH...I bought about 10,000 sheets of paper at a garage sale this summer, for $10.00.
I also Love old, 50+ yrs old sewing stuff. To the point its sick, and taking over.
Miss Charity said…
Hmmm...yeah about those things...

I know the conservative in me should shy away from anything too "French" (I've heard they don't like us Republicans too much)
wouldn't ya know my weakness would be a Fluer De Lis? :)

Glitter (especially make-up)
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Yes...the list could go on...but I'll stop, diddo with your purge...pass it along to someone else sweetie pie :)
gosh i have a HUGE weakness for little things. Anything, beads, trinkets, buttons, figurines, etc. We go thrift shopping a lot and I am ALWAYS on teh lookout for "little Bitty's!" I would love package #1 or #2! I like them both.

thanks for teh comment on my blog. We love Mars Hill! We used to live in Idaho adn went to seattle many times and always went to Marks church. our church here in Texas is similar in alot of ways to Mars Hill. Check out our pastor sometime Matt Chandler. Hes amazing

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