com·mit·ment –noun
1. the act of committing.
2. the state of being committed.
3. the act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself.
4. a pledge or promise; obligation: We have made a commitment to pay our bills on time.

I had this moment a few weeks ago, in fact I was at Miss Elaine's house blogging, drinking a nice hot cup of coffee and chatting away.. perfect Amberish day.
Elaine's Mom came in from working hard on the lawn all morning, Mavis is a wonderful woman of God and it's always a joy to sit and chat with her:) One of the great things about Mavis is she pretty much will tell you how she really feels. She was completely at a loss as to how Miss Elaine and I could sit at the table for most of the morning and done nothing but blog, sip Joe, talk and generally mess around. "What could we possible be doing on the computer ALL morning?". Ok before I relay her next question let me just say..I soo saw this one coming. I mean we really pitched her a nice slow ball and well, she spanked it out of the park.

"Do you spend that much time reading your bible and in prayer?"

Ouch, I have been asking myself this same question for the past few weeks now. Of course I have every excuse in the book. Heck I'm a mother of 4, who is constantly on the move. I mean just my coffee dates alone on any given week could keep a normal socialite happy:) But..does this really count..I mean eternally? What is Amber's commitment level? Don't get me wrong, I'm committed to many things, blogging, friends, marriage, my kid's, friends again, reading, housework, blogging again, church, kid's school, coffee, more reading, and phone conversations. See it's not that I struggle with the issue of commitment, it's just I struggle with WHAT I should be committed to.

Most people wait until the new year to start fresh..then of course by Valentines day the diet is fricken over and they down the whole proverbial box of chocolates. I don't want to wait until New Year's, I don't want to wait until I have over committed myself right out of fellowship with my Creator. I want to over commit to the right the truly most important thing..Him.


Wendy Girl said…
Your always the YES Girl...
I am glad You said YES this time.
No is never a good answer in this case.
Anonymous said…
oooooo...sock it to us hard gf! I need every bit of encouragement I can get right now..thx. (I only vaguely remember dear sweet mom hittin' us with that one.) :-)
Momentum said…
Patti bought baxter (the schnauzer sp) a year ago, that dumb dog wakes me up at 6:00 am every morning...seriously! I hated him, unitl I realized that God had sent me an acceptability partner (I'm the only one with a dog for that partner). My life has changed dramatically as a result of waking up and spending time with God, the Holy Spirit whispers seems a little louder. I find myself being convicted about the weirdest stuff, it's been tough, but I feel healthy and energized (no comments lol).

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