The List

10. I've been on this diet for a week now, so I guess it's safe to call again.

9. I had a childless night out on Sunday, of course I ended up at Barnes & Noble. I purchased the newest copy of Artful Blogging. Can I just tell you how much I LOVE that magazine. My favorite idea out of the magazine was about a weekend away for a group of bloggy ladies..Ok I have an idea (bear with me) next year after my oh so anticipated trip, we should have a blog-craft-eat-laugh till it hurts weekend away! Maybe even if we start planning right now we could secure a visit from a few of the AZ gf's along with the sister. I know you might think I'm dorky but that would be like the best weekend EVER! Come On!! You KNOW you want to..!!

8. After a week of serious deep cleaning I feel like I'm on top of the house work, except for this. I'm hoping to get to it before the kids go back to school so I can settle right into crafty behavior but this week is so packed with fun little social engagements I might not be able to get it finished. Maybe after I have polished off the box of bon bon's waiting for me in the freezer and I catch up on the soaps I will get to it,maybe not:)

7. I saw Mamma Mia last good, sang along with most of it..LOVED IT!!

6. Kid's + School = Quiet time for Amber!! YAY! August 11th!

5. So I'm not sure if you ever really go to the links I provide for you, but my deary friend Wendy wrote a very sweet blog about a few of the people in the small town I grew up in..go check it out and leave her a comment or two..she deserves it:)

4. Did I tell you I have decided I'm giving up Starbucks for a whole year in order to help pay for the Paris trip?? It's been a rough week. Wait!! Maybe THAT is why I'm loosing weight!!:)

3. I'm going to be doing a give away to celebrate back to school next week, stay posted. It will be similar to my last one, and no the sister is not allowed to enter...just jokin..kinda.

2. Speaking of the Sister..she and her new buddy have started a blog for her very fun venture she calls Farmer Road Farm Girls. They are just getting started with the whole bloggy thing so bear with em for a bit, but I know there is going to be MANY (no pressure) great things happening so stay tuned and check back often!!

1. Ok I know that many of you liked my blond locks, but truthfully they were not doing it for very sweet and sassy hair dresser agreed with me and we decided to change the color up a ya go. I'm still a little shocked every time I look in the mirror but I'm thinking it will grow on me.


Anonymous said…
Love the new hairdo/color. And I'm jealous that school starts so early for you. (but don't tell my boys) -DS
Elaine said…
Hey, count me in for the blogette retreat. Let's have it here!...or that cool spot in Mexico (what a contrast). I would definitely have to plan ahead for a 'costy' trip.

I just bought Somerset Life. Have you picked up that one? It's LOVELY!

Hair looks great! I'm due for my maintenance visit of this SV Doo in about 6 mos.
Wendy Girl said…
Hey, Your too sweet.
Loving the color.
Miss Charity said…
OMGosh!...I LOVE your hair! Keep it, oh pleeeease keep look super cute! (not that you didn't before, but WOW!) I'm in for the blog-retreat...your such a bloggenius! Next year is perfect...I can start preparing Andy for it now, LOL :-)
You would be proud of me...I finally started organizing my sewing area, it's still not quite up to par, but it'll get there.
Lateda said…
Im in for a BLoGGy- getaway:) Lets Do it!
Love the new hair... You look amazing as usual:)
You(with new do)+ Me(with a boob job?possibly?)= FUN in Arizona with some hottie fire fighters..
Cant wait!
See you soon!

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