The List

10. Wow..political junkies..this past week has been great for us!! I could go on and on about the DNC, McCains new lady friend, Joe Biden (really?? Is Obama that scared of being upstaged?) Hillary's speech, but instead I'm going to link you to this story, plz go read it. Very sobering..

9. This has been one of the worst Strehle weeks in recent history, tire blow out, dead battery, sick kids, missed foot-ball sign up's. If I have missed your birthday or forgot to call you back I'm sorry, I just suck this week. Seriously I'm over it.

8. I went and got my passport application!! YAY for me!!

7. I have been thinking about the word contentment.

6. So for the past three Saturday's have been spent with 2 lovely AZ gf's:) We have worked so hard lounging by the pool, eating birthday cake, watching the kids play ect..I just have to say how much fun it has been, and this Saturday I will miss it. (yes, I know I have such a rough life)

5. I made the most adorable earrings for Anna, she has been so generous with me, and really deserved them:)

4. Had tea and breakfast at Agritopia this past week with the above mentioned AZ gf's. This was a very nice way to spend the morning.

3. It's been such a hard week and I feel as if all of my creativity has been sucked this is going to be a short list.

2. Yes, I'm in a little bit of a mood.

1. Leave you with a quote...
"Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested." Francis Bacon
I think that today needs to be one of those days that is lost in one of those chewed and digested books.


Anonymous said…
sorry you've had a 'sucky' week! I gotta tell you though that McCain's new lady friend is a class act. She grew up in Wasilla and her mom went to our church. She's done incredible things as gov. of Alaska and has made the world turn their heads. It's been fun to watch this process and I suddenly feel encouraged about the election. I'm just worried about her kids and that new baby.

Head up - here's to a new and wonderful week.
Anonymous said…
Re: #6-Let's not forget the birthday party we all get to go to Sat. that includes lounging by the pool while we are waited on by someone else. Not too shabby. We can pick up our lounging again next week!amy
Lateda said…
Get over your bad week... Your week has been fantastic compared to mine.
Anonymous said…

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