A Moment

What was Silas thinking at this very moment?? I asked him what he was doing while the rest of the family was listening to Mom and looking at the camera, "I was practicing my whistle face." Hmm perfectly good answer in his mind..This got me to thinking.
Have you seen the little decorator signs that say..
"Dance as if no one is watching, sing as if no one is listening, live every moment like it's your last"? The first 50 times you read it, you were like that's cool, but after about 200 times it looses it's coolness.

Although, if you really think about that cheesy little sign it's very true. In fact if you look back over the past, say 5 years of your life, I bet you can now see moments that have dramatically impacted your life. Moments that, good or bad you are still feeling the repercussions, the ripples.

Recently Charity (from WA) and my new crafty/bloggy/cutey gf Anna (from AZ) spent some time together via the phone talking about crafty/bloggy/cutey subjects. This gf goodness was the result of a moment..the moment the husband said "yes." we will go to AZ. I could even take that a step further and say it was the result of another moment.. the moment Stacy invited Charity to church a few years earlier and I decided that she was destined to be an Amber gf:)

This week I encourage you to take a second look at your moments, anticipate them, make them count, make your whistle face. You will never get another moment just like your last, but the ripples will be felt long after.


Miss Charity said…
My beautiful friend...your words are tearing me up! (again) You blessed me today, thank-you! Miss you mucho!
Lateda said…
I'm going to start practicing my "whistling face" too:) I love that KID!

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