The List

I like this pic..
First Day of school:)
Rockin Rock his undies
Iced Tea and muffins with some awesome AZ gf's..

10. So some of my Washington peeps, Elaine, The Dish, and Sarah to be exact, did a fun show in Idaho this past summer. Country Living Mag just did a really awesome write-up in the September issue about this very show..these ladies are on their somewhere..I'm not sure where..I hope they call me when they get there;)

9. Had a great time at Anna's on Friday!! Thanks guys and we will forever owe you for getting bit by the rock band bug...which leads me to #8

8. We bought the game Rock Band, have you ever played this game?? Seriously it's way too fun and you all know I don't play video games (well except when I kick butt in Wii bowling). It's kinda like Guitar Hero only better, you can sing. Do you know how good I can sing the Stones?? I was hoarse last night when I went to bed!! Now when you come to Chez Strehle we can rock out, it's fun:)

7. We are hosting a big camp reunion BBQ at our place this Friday night, I'm pretty stoked, it's the first big gathering I've had since moving. It's crazy cuz I did this kind of stuff so much back in WA..all of my hostess with the mostess skills might be a little rusty, wish me luck;)

6. I have to give a shout out to an AZ gf, her B-day is coming up and we are heading out for lunch this very Thursday. PLUS she has just found out some most surprising news..she's pregnant!! So Happy Birthday to a great AZ gf and don't worry I throw great showers:)

5. First day of school went off without a hitch!! Yay!! In fact it went so good, that tonight at dinner Dylan even thanked God for his school!! Ok so this is such a huge turn around from "God, please help me to die so I never have to go back to that place again.", which was the evening prayer last year.

4. So Zach and I started volunteering in the "Snack-Shack" at church:) This little concession stand is available for kids during a few morning services at church..I do have to admit, I feel a little guilty selling soda and candy to kids then sending them to just feels mean:)

3. I promised a give-away this week, look for it later in the week.

2. Political statement of the week..hmm John Edwards..hmm I guess his hair was nice enough to land that hottie blond, even though he had a WIFE who was a brunette!! But really party affiliation has nothing to do with this, Dem's and Republicans alike can't seem to stay faithful. Power is the worlds most potent aphrodisiac.

1. After I dropped the kiddos off at school this morning I felt sad, it's kinda a catch 22, have them with me 24/7 and start to go a little batty, or send them off to school and miss em a bit. It's such a Mom's dilemma. Although after the momentary sadness, I started to feel like William Wallace in Braveheart.. FREEDOM!


tinkerverve said…
I love the picture of the kids - it's great and Isabelle shines with that gorgeous smile!
Miss Charity said…
Good for you... Hurray for volunteer mom's. We're supposed to be getting our Espresso machine up and running @ church this know where I'll be volunteering my time!
Lateda said…
Good luck with the BIG party on Friday! You are going to be back in the hostess saddle!
And the kiddos at school! Im soo jealous!
I am so glad that the kids have adjusted to their new school, I know how much of a relief it must be for you. I love all of your pictured too! Miss you!
Lateda said…
How was the BIG party? I want some details...
Wendy Girl said…
A Show?

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