The List

10. I made the CUTEST earrings!! I saw them at Urban Outfitters on Monday..and here on Wednesday I'm wearing them!! Sometimes I just need to pinch my crafty self. (covered buttons with earring backs glued on) I'm so going to throw them in on my give-away so go comment!!

9. So..a couple of very special AZ gf's Karen and Amy are a little upset that I have never mentioned their ACTUAL names on my there are ya happy now?? Plus they wanted me to say that Arizona girls are hotter..get it.. hotter..OK now you two really owe me.

8. Well who do you think the veeps are going to be?? Me? I'm not sure, remember I doing a write in for Jesus, so does that mean John the Baptist would be the veep?? (google Bobby Jindal)

7. The sister completed her first show away from home. So much work hauling your "rust and crust" across town. They posted some great pic's so you should go and check it out, also you can see the picture that proves we have different fathers, I mean really we don't look a thing alike:)

6. Sooo Zach and I are going to take the Dave Ramsey financial class at church. Ok I'm going to be honest with you..I DON'T want to take this class, I DON'T want to budget, it is going to be really hard (those were Dave's exact words). I know how this sounds and really I don't care that I'm totally pouting and acting spoilt. I mean isn't it enough that I have given up Starbucks for a year??

5. Ok in light of #5 I was a little naughty this past week and bought myself a early Birthday present..What my Birthday is not until November you say?? Oh, I guess it's really early then:) There is a new Anthropologie up the road a bit..Anna and I went..well it could have been much worse.

I'm sorry but is this not the most Amberish type purse ever?? **Sigh**

4. I'm going to hold sign ups for the Fall "Swappy Ladies" swap right after Labor Day. Start talking to your gf's about it now. We are celebrating Earth Day in September. Our theme is..Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Repurposing 2nd hand items..get those crafty brains going!! If you know of a crafty lady invite her..the more crafty goodness the better!!

3. One of my oldest and dearest gf's from Washington commented on my last blog, she has been "blog stalking" me for quite some time and I'm so happy that she finally broke down and commented:) I feel honored. Her blog is related more to her church, but if you want to go check it out and see what cute friends I have, please do so:)

2. The party went great!! We had fun and I hope everyone else did as well. It was SOOOO hot that night, so we mostly swam and hung out in the house, you gotta love Arizona. I'm thinking I need to let the new church gang in on my blog. Just know..I will not be held responsible for the comments that might appear on the blog..this is a pretty wild bunch:)

1. Ok so The Dish has a great bloggy story on her blog today. You must go read it!! It's just so darn funny how small our blog world is. Really it proves one (i have many) theory about her..she truthfully is one of those people who has NEVER met a stranger, and she just might be related to you as well.


Miss Charity said…
Love that is Amberish! Can't wait for the Fall Crafty Swap...I'm in! I'm going to try and talk Bubby into it, too. Does she have to be a blogger or can she just be a blogstalker? (Shhh...I really think she is) Have a good Wednesday!
Lateda said…
I may know the gf's from AZ names(Amy and Karen) BUT you girls need to get a BLOG goin'.. enough with the anonymous comments! "Let's Do it girls"(game show voice)
And I forgot to ask about the party.. but I think your right, your WHOLE reputation will be ruined!
Swappy ladies... a MUST for me!
(shh.. could you RIG my person so that I get something good?)
Lateda said…
PS. by the way, girls in Washington are wetter.
Deb Shirley said…
Its a good thing you got that purse before Dave Ramsey. Good strategy. Of course, if you have to sell it off, give me a call.
Wendy Girl said…
I love the Purse.
But your blog is getting a little steamy..
Get it..
Hotter and Wetter...
I know I am not a comedian.
tinkerverve said…
CUTEST bag & I love the cup in the last post!

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