The List

More earrings
Over easy, with fresh tom's and basil..mmm
Spoilt Strehle's (oh and she has a new collar now)

10. Ginger is a red Boston Terrier and is about a year old. She seems to have a very sweet disposition and so far (1st day) I can't complain too much.

9. Wednesday morning the Husband got a six hundred dollar ticket..nuff said.

8. The Sister has the best fall pledge ever! To not let one zucchini go to waste. If you have ever lived in the NW and had a garden, you know where there is one zucchini there are ten, so this is a very noble challenge. Everyday she is calling me with her newest zucchini bread recipe..zucchini chocolate pumpkin, zucchini blueberry, and zucchini zucchini:) Way to go you little baker you!!

7. On that note..I was given 5 dozen eggs on Sunday. So..this week we have had..deviled eggs, potato salad, huge veggie scramble, quiche (2x's), french toast and hard boiled eggs (perfect for lunches). Today we took a break and had chicken..any ideas for tomorrow??

6. The Husband wants me to mention Pandora. Anna posted on it a few weeks ago, if you love music as much as we do this sight is a must! It's free and they have NOT ever spamed us with email's so don't worry about that. Go see you will really like it:)

5. You might have noticed I have linked Twitter to my blog, really ladies especially those of you who text me often (and you know who you are) go check it out!! You wont be disappointed.

4. Fall is slowing showing up here in AZ, it is still getting up to around 107 during the day, but when you walk outside at 6:00am you can actually breathe, that is very exciting!

3. We had a great Labor Day weekend. Sunday evening we spent with some friends from church playing puerto rican uno..SO MUCH FUN!! At one point I had to race to the bathroom..yup I was this close to wetting myself. Monday we had one of the AZ gf's over (with her hubby and fam) and of course good times were had by all. Except that I totally ruined the potato do you ruin a potato salad??

2. Due to at least 3 swappy ladies being out of town, I post-phoned Swapppy Ladies one more week. You crafty ladies out there get ready!!

1. I received at least 6 different text's about Sarah Palen, here is my gut.
First reaction..5 kids!! Special needs! Pregnant! Out of date hair style!
Nope my initial feeling was not positive, why is she not at home or at least more available for her children? Especially me, who has chosen to stay home and raise my kiddos..but I started thinking. To pursue politics was Sarah Palen's decision long before this, then she decided she was going to try and do both, and try to the very best of her ability. This is how most mom's I know proceed, pray like crazy, make our decision and move forward with the hope what we are doing is the right thing. Life is never perfect, unless you live in some freaky bubble (or are in serious denial)unexpected things occur to everyone. Even good people.
I do know this..democrats fear two things more than any other..conservative women and conservative African-Americans. Is it not a little ironic that conservatives were able to put a women on the ticket?
Many things in this election have me unsettled. I'm not at all sold out and feel uneasy about the whole lot. This year I'm going to have to vote on the path of least other words, who am I going to be in agreement with at least 50% of the time. Who is going to keep my taxes lower, stay out of my business and protect my family, simple as that.


tinkerverve said…
I hope that Ginger Strehle is adapting well. ...and I personally appreciate any amount of time before the swappy lady introduction. Did I ever think that life would be so crazy when I moved???? NO! It just seems to follow me. It should settle down in a few weeks. (I've heard myself say that before!) ;-) Loves!!!!
Anonymous said…
Re: the eggs, you could make breakfast burritos and freeze them. My parents used to do this and it was great for when people came to visit. Can't comment on the political front cause I liked her hair. Don't even get Karen started! amy
Deb said…
you could make an angel food cake with the egg whites. then all you need is for someone to give you a bunch of fresh berries.
Lateda said…
10.enough about the dog. sheeshh. you are becoming one of those people!
9.Poor Z!
7.Eggs.. make chinese chicken!
5.Twitter patter what?
4.Cant wait for some hot weather!
2.Bring on the swappy swap!
yee haw!
1.Sarah Palen, first you need to learn to SPELL her name right, its PALIN. and well.. yes, she does have a bad hair do, but 5 kids, Can you blame her.. the twisty bun works great! And she is a breeder, we must accept her into the cool club.
Lauren said…
Make eggs benedict... if you want a super yummy (and not at all healthy) recipe, ask my mom :)

I'm glad Ginger is doing well... she looks like a sweet heart!
Anonymous said…
Oh, boy.... Sarah Palin has made your list... What has the world come to.

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