The Refrigerator

The trophy case..

I LOVE stepping on these guys in the middle of the night
A Christmas gift from Silas last year

Sometimes I walk into homes that are perfect, by this I mostly mean no "kid debris". Meaning either they don't leave any sign of kiddos around, or they don't have any little people. Truthfully at times I have been envious of these homes..really envious. I mean do you have any idea how many times I have cleaned sliding glass doors over the past 11 years?? I'm thinking it must be millions.
This morning I came across Isabelle's spelling test from last week, she got 100%.
I smiled and said, "Good job Sissy".
"Mom" she replied, "I get 100% all the time". (she is very humble)
"I know honey, I just want you to know I'm proud of how hard you work".
With that I put the test in a place honor for the Strehle family..the refrigerator.
Yes my fridge has smudge marks on it (even though the guy at sears told me this one would NOT get them). It has various mismatched art projects, coloring from last Christmas, division work by Silas (Yay Montessori!) and a few pictures of people who really count. It's cluttered messy and not at all fashionable. BUT it also displays more heart, love and family than it's nice clutter free brother.
At times I need this reminder..Being buried in the life of my kids is only for a season, soon all the papers, painted rocks, snowman pencil holders will stop arriving home. Soon the innocence of childhood will be gone, yes my home will be smudge free, dare I say clutter free (I can dream right?). So today as I'm knee deep in cleaning, doing the laundry, prepping for dinner, I need to realize that all too soon this season of life will pass, and truthfully I think I just might be a little sad about it.


Anonymous said…
You're in the best years of your life. (I promise) oh and, by the way, I'll make sure and send a pic of me for the fridge...because I know I really count!
Miss Charity said… keep a close check on your mailbox...cause' I know I count, too :-) I needed this today, was a trying, frustrating, tearful day. Thanks for reminding me what really counts! Today, I really miss you...(not that I don't everyday) just visiting & coffee would have made everything better :-)
Anonymous said…
If only my husband had this
Wendy Girl said…
I never thought of it that way.
I guess sometimes you just take it for granted. I love my fridge. I actually leave the smudgy finger prints on it (till I get sick of them) I like seeing the little dirty prints. They arent going to be little much longer.
Lani said…
I've longed for the day when my house would be clutter free. But in return I knew it would mean, no kids running around. I can't believe it went this fast. Michael is graduating this year, and then Tyler next year, then Jacob and Alexa. 5 years and they all will be out of highschool. Where did the time go?!?!?!? It's truly a transition that came upon us too quickly. Enjoy it cuz next thing you know, they're gone. Thanks for sharing Amber.
Miss Mabel said…
Hi Amber, I mosied on over here from Elaine's blog. I remember my mom saying something to effect of, she shouldn't of spent so much time worrying about a clean house, it just got durty again. In effect, she wished she had taken time for the really important stuff--us kids--because the time goes all too quick. I figure, if I can find stuff, so what if it is dusty? After all what is dust but space debri LOL I got alot of that in my house--keeps me humble. And spiders need homes too ;0)

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