Swappy Ladies..It's On!!

WOW!! Ok so THAT took me MUCH longer that I expected..let's see 1:00 on Monday and I thought I would finish the registration no later than Sunday evening..so sorry if you woke up this morning with Swappy anticipation!! I guess the best things DO come to those who wait:)

If you have not received your swap partner's info please give me a shout-out..I'm really hoping I did not miss anyone, but these things DO happen.(more often to some of us)

Also if you have any fun swappy stories that go along with your swap item please forward them to me so I can post!! I love the swap community and would like to share the swappy love!!

Last but not least...A big SwappyLadies shout out to The Dish. She designed the fall swap logo for moi..thanks girl!!


Lateda said…
oh dont... dont... stop it... dont stop it....
giving me compliments that is:)
Got my swappy lady!! Fun stuff!
Now I have to get busy, FOR real!
Mucho Love!
Miss Charity said…
Way to go Ambo~
Your the bomb when it comes to swappy land! Of course I've already decided what my gal's gonna get...I think she'll be very happy :-) Nice work (I may have to hire you!) La~Te~Da...your so good at that stuff!
Anonymous said…
I know this is a little late. I'm not as bloggy saavvy as I wish to be not checking everyday... I did NOT get my swappy lady... "Maybe she won't notice she was omitted..." Have faith I can be crafty when needed.

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