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Morning photo shoot with the birthday boy:)

10. So The Sister is starting a little mini-revolution..go check it out and if you are lucky enough to not be trapped in the desert step up to the challenge!!

9. The Dish (Wild Whimsy) and Miss Elaine did SUPER at their show last week!! Yeah for them!! Oh and a little bird told me that Wild Whimsy is going to be posting some fall project ideas on the blog, check back often.

8. We started FPU (Financial Peace University) on Monday. Hmm, you all know my thoughts on this already. It's only Friday evening and I'm already bitter. I have to listen to this guy for 13 weeks?? No it's not that bad, it's really just discipline and using common sense. But what do they say about common sense..well it's not so common.

7. CRAZY political times right now. I have to say if you would have asked me even 2 months ago if I thought we were going to have a Republican in the White House I would have said NO WAY!! This election is going to be much closer than I though.

6. Are you Swappy Ladies ready???

5. Sorry this post is late..I caught strep from Shad, sucked! So glad that is over..hope it will be the first and last time of the season. Oh and I have to tell you that I totally beat strep without antibiotics!! Yeah for me!

4. I had a down week with strep and a long dentist appointment so I'm kinda missing my AZ gf's, PLUS Anna has been in San Fran (Lucky!) all week. I hope to hit my social calendar hard again next week;)

3. So I just found out that the "rents" (parents) are coming for Christmas!! I have to say I'm totally really, really, really stunned.

2. The Dish and all her glory will be arriving in just a few short weeks!!! The Strehle family is already happily preparing for the families arrival. We will be spending a few days of their visit in Mexico! Yeah for the beach and good friends!! Two of my very favorite things in the whole wide world. I'm looking forward to introducing some of the AZ gf's to her..just prepare yourselves ladies..yes, I know she is not coming until October, don't say I didn't warn you;)

1. Ok I have a little mini-rant..I'm jealous, really jealous of my sister right now. Everyday she is calling me and saying "Oh I just whipped out 80 billion quarts of organic apple butter." or, "on my way to the chicken house I discovered a little patch of wild berries and after I picked them I weaved a basket from the branches." You see not too long ago our places in life were switched. She was trapped in suburban hell and I had the most beautiful garden, right next to my chicken coop along with our pygmy goat named Roquefort. I'm sure she loathed the phone calls.
"Oh we have been canning peaches from Wenatchee all day, and now I'm baking a pie for dessert." or "I've just cut a ton of hydrangea's and have the most beautiful bouquet on my kitchen table." Now don't get me wrong I'm so very happy that she is living her dream and is loving every minute of it:) There are just some things that I really really miss about home and fall is one of them. PLUS I miss having a garden, I love working in the dirt, serving your family food that you have planted and nurtured, it feeds your soul as well as your body. Posted below are some pic's from my old home and what I loved best about it.


Lateda said…
So, why do you feel the need to TORTURE me with those pictures of OUR lives before Az:( Boo hoo! Those made me sad.
AND I am sooo stoked for our trip! Yippee! Get ready AZ gf's! Who has the nicest car to CRUISE down by the Gilbert Firefighter station?? Flash Friday?
If only I could get my boobs done before then! Well.. I guess I will just have to keep my clothes on.
Lookin' forward to it... Arriba,arriba!
Wendy Girl said…
Wooow Trish, Keep your shirt on.
To the AZ Girlfriends: I am so glad that trish is coming down to see you all. You will LOVE HER.. Just remember, When Traveling with Trish-All eyes are on you (her). Cuz she is so Cute and Stylish.
Amber: How much Vinegar did it take to get the Strep to go away?
Anonymous said…
ok, a few things. sorry you were sick, that sucks. glad you're better, time to get together. The Dish doesn't scare me. give me enough spirits and I can keep up! whatever happened with all those eggs? WOW! about christmas! and...starbuck's update please! time for a little coffee!amy
Anonymous said…
There are lots of wonderful memories. I wouldn't trade any of those for anything. God sees that country~girl heart of yours and has a great place planned for your future (& just imagine that it will be better than ever because of this little side-step that you're on)! p.s. was there any little part of you that wanted to delete that last post by 'the Dish' and not let anyone see it??????...just had to ask!
Amber Rose said…
Ok so I guess I need to comment on my own blog..Umm..Trisha PLEASE keep your shirt on!! You know ladies she does this just so she will see if I post em..see Dish I'm not afraid!
Life's Delish said…
yeah, I'd be jealous to.Actually I am and I don't even know your sister. Hey, let lateda know my mini-van rocks!!See ya soon!
Miss Charity said…
Hello again my best AZ gal! Sorry, I've been totally out of it since school started. Won't even get into that...
I've been quite the jealous bird myself these days. I guess we just have to remember...we have a lot of things others would be jealous of too? Right? C'mon...your with me on this one, right? Congrats on your new family member...what a cutie pie pup :-) Happy late b-day to Si! Have an awesome time w/ the dish...I haven't seen her in ages, but she has been up to her eyeballs w/ Wild Whimsey. Way to fend off the strep...pass along your secret. Have a great week!

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