Swappy Ladies ROCK!!

K ladies..I have had a very BIG response!! Yay!! This is going to be great!!
I have not responded to any of your email's yet, so don't get panicky. I'm going to respond tomorrow evening. I'm closing the swap at 9:00pm (mst) on Friday. I will get a confirmation email out to everyone HOPEFULLY by tomorrow night. I'm a little overwhelmed by all the response so bear with me:) Although even though I 'm a little overwhelmed I'm super stoked to have you all along for the ride!!
Keep spreading the swappy love!!


Lateda said…
Lookin' foward to it~
I didnt e-mail you.. but I know that I am a for sure!
Timi said…
That's so exciting. I have never done a swap so not only am I excited for the swap I'm excited that you had such a big response. That's fantastic.

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