Swappy Ladies Update....

So how are all my Swappy Ladies doing?? I have been loving hearing the stories roll in about your swappy items!!
You ladies are incredible..your swappy partners are sooo lucky!!

A few answers to a few questions...

Is this a secret swap??
Your swap partner is just that, a partner..that means you have her and well.. she has you!! So really there are no secrets here with our swappy ladies! I did not do this on my last swap, but I thought it would be fun this time..so if you want to contact your lady, shoot me an email and I will get it to you asap (well as fast as I can).

If you want to use the Swappy Ladies swap button..please do! (thanks Trish)

Timi from agirlnamedtimi.blogspot.com asked me if I could post links the other swappy ladies .. great question Timi! Here ya go girl;)

You ladies are amazing!


Wendy Girl said…
I guess, I dont count
Wendy Girl said…
its ok. I looked at all the ladies pages on the list.Iam so excited for everyone. Amazing Ladies out there. Very Amazing.
Tammy said…
Hi there, My blog address is worng here. Mine is http://tammysprinkle.blogspot.com

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