The List..

Before..After.. Goat Cheese stuffed mushrooms with rosemary infused bread crumbs..delish!!

10. fem·i·nism
1. the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

If this is really what the definition of feminism is in the world of feminist women, then they would the biggest advocates for Sarah Palin.

9. Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University has ruined my life as I know it..period.

8. Just joking about #9..kinda

7. I have menu planned the past two weeks, this requires me to sit down Sunday night and plan a whole weeks worth of meals and a grocery list to go along with it. This really has helped our budget and my time TONS, even if it sounds dorky and really cheap, it does work.

6. I'm super stoked about the debate tonight. I know I'm a nerd, it's just I can't wait to see how they preform live, against each other. For me it's kinda a toss up as to how they are going to do..I think with the past week being what it was, this is going to be a very pivotal debate and many Americans are going to be tuned it.

5. It's weird to think about your personal bank "failing".

4. I'm going to post a Swappy Ladies Update this weekend. I've had a few questions, I'm hoping to be able to answer em:)

3. The Sister's sale is coming up next weekend, if you are close to Salem OR..go check it out!!

2. We are hosting a 25 person event after church on Sunday, I have soooo much house work to do before then..i'm thrilled.

1. After my refrigerator post this week, I was sad and a little upset with myself. I was thinking about how I just might be one of the very luckiest people in the whole wide world. I can honestly say I have the best friends. I did not fully appreciate all of you when I had you within 5 minutes, I did not see you often enough and I did not make you a priority in my life. Now that we are all separated (I'm not the only one to have moved away!) and things are different for many of us I can truly see how much God has blessed me with the very best Gf's a girl could ask for:) Thank you for being so stinking great..

(AZ gf's..please don't text me and give me crap about not saying anything nice about you!!)


Anonymous said…
*Yummy jam! *I've got to do menu planning *I need financial freedom *I hate debates *WE are so very blessed with wonderful friends! (thx for noticing) Loves!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Don't worry Amber, we know we are loved(at least I do. Karen would if she were more computer savvy)amy
Lateda said…
Im soooo excited for the debate too:) eeekkk..
as far as the bank crashing... well we can go down together.. cheers to WaMu.
Menu planning:) so true!
and since I never posted about the refer subject, All I can say now is... Im glad to see I'm up there with the Uganda kid. :) Now.. thats a true friend on the prayer chain:)
as far as #9 goes, FFU* and all that, I will make sure we flush that down the big throne as soon as I get there!
Do I hear Anthropologie calling our names??
Miss Charity said…
So yes...I'll be watching the debates (yikes! if they haven't started already) My initial plan was to attend the Turks first home football game tonight, but since I haven't been meal planning or budgeting, and my financial istitute is in dire straights...our $$$ situation STINKS!!! Have fun watching tonight :-)
Anonymous said…
Obama kicked old wrinkly ass
Wendy Girl said…
I bailed on the debate..Turks kick A** over Obama Bin Laden any Day. I even pulled out my old Softball Coat! Amber, Do you still have your coat? If I remember right It said Ambsley on it?
As far as the Menu panning goes. It is the only way my family gets fed. I always forget what I was going to make, or forget to take something out. This way, its always on a List On the Fridge.

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