The List

My Paris Pussycats file..oui oui
Craft day with Anna..pumpkins!

What crafty girl does not ADORE modge podge!
The best veggie tacos EVER!

10. So have you ever had one of those weeks where just the THOUGHT of housework makes you feel a little sick...well I have had two of those a row!! This does not go well with The (over-achiever) Husband.

9. Had a crazy week this week, AND I was so not expecting the Swap to pick up such a following!! Wow I feel so blogish..

8. We are hosting game night at our place Saturday night, I'm making a big pasta dish and serving up fellowship and laughter, should be fun:)

7. I'm not into science much but, some sciencey (I KNOW this is not a real word) type people are trying to recreate the big bang just outside of Geneva..very interesting stuff.

6. So Wendy was nominated for a spiffy award from The Sister AND she won the stuff Wendy!

5. I was at the thrift store this week (shocking I know) and I picked up a few early reader books for Silas..I was totally SHOCKED when I handed one to him and he proceeded to read it to me!! This makes me kinda sad as well, first the reading. Sniff, Sniff my baby is not so much a baby anymore.

4. I'm really loving getting to know my new friends at church, good peeps, funny and not too serious, very Amberish types.

3. Seriously..I received the very best Paris gift EVER this week!! My aunt, with whom I will be traveling with this coming June, sent me the most incredible package on all things Paris!! I have barely scratched the surface with this thing. It has all the info I will EVER need on my trip to Paris, this is really the first time I have felt excited about my trip..I mean I'm really doing this!! I'm actually going to PARIS!!! Wow..

2. I'm really looking forward to some beach time soon, I'm sooooo over the desert, I need water, a frilly drink in hand, salty lips and a real good sunburn..

1. SWAPPY LADIES!! Oh my GOSH!! So the story goes..a sweet lady over at Swap Dex picks up my swap (google search) and puts a shout out on her swap blog..then look out! What stared out as a Amberish friend swap turns into something much more than I expected!! This is going to be a blast!!
** Side bloggy note on this..Tonight I was able to check out a few of the blogs from the participants..I just have to say that I'm constantly amazed by women who blog, so many of you are talented, beautiful, creative and fun!! Some of you write, craft, sew, take pictures but all are blessed with a creativity that is inspiring and uplifting. Thanks so much for sharing just a little bit of the beauty of life with the rest of the world.**

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


tinkerverve said…
I love that post - fun, diverse and interesting...I want to SEE your Paris package and I want to HEAR Si read! LoveYa and Miss you!
Yarni Gras! said…
can't wait to see the finished pumpkin.
Tammy said…
Sounds like you have a had a busy week. Happy B-day to Silas and congrats on the success of your Swap. I know I am excited about it. Sounds like a fun night tonight. Games and fun with friends. Have a lovely week ahead.

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